Yes and no, it solely depends on your employer and their back to work protocols.


The coronavirus crisis prompted a rapid shift away from office working, to working from home.


“Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021” Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics


Now, as firms look beyond the pandemic, many are deciding whether to bring employees back to offices, allow them to stay working from home or be flexible between the two.


The pandemic has caused a permanent change to work from home. “Office work will never be the same,” says an article in Vox, while some experts from Harvard Business School say “the workplace as we used to know it, quite frankly, is dead.”


What Is Likely To Stay Post COVID?


Perhaps the most obvious impact of COVID-19 is companies working from home, but as the road map opens it is likely some companies will shift back to pre-pandemic normalities.


The Mckinsey report suggests 20% to 25% of companies, without being affected on productivity, are likely to stay working from home between three and five days per week.


This prompts four to five times more remote working than before the pandemic.


Facebook’s vice president says some workers have been ‘thriving’ at home and will continue to do so.


The impact on employees, for example, parents who are closer to their children are happy to cut their commute time and optimise their working day.


However, this isn’t the case for every individual.


Some employees live in small spaces with other people, and those are an example of some, who are desperate to get back into the office.


We think what needs to be addressed, is the individuals’ circumstances, not one can be underlined the same, each needs to be looked at separately.


Can I Ask To Keep Working From Home Post Covid?


Yes, you can ask your employer to keep working from home, but it doesn’t mean they have to agree.


As the population continues to get COVID-19 vaccinations, it becomes increasingly possible to return to pre-pandemic activities.


So don’t assume you can work from home indefinitely.


It will depend on your job, your company’s financial situation, the workplace culture, and most significantly, your boss.


A more likely scenario is a hybrid setup when the working week is a mix of both office and home working. Facebook and Amazon are examples of big tech companies. If you’re returning to the office here’s the top tips for returning to the office if you’re feeling anxious.


How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home Post COVID


Now, here’s what you think is the hard part. But, if you have had no issues working from home so far, there might be less convincing than you think.


Working from home offers you an array of benefits that office-based work doesn’t.


You can enjoy a comfortable environment, saving time and money by not commuting and spending more time with your loved ones.


If you’ve realised that over the last 18 months that you prefer working from home, and you want it to continue post-COVID, you’re not the only one.


This period has allowed you to show your manager you can work responsibly and efficiently outside of the office.


Head over to TheMuse for a full breakdown but in brief here are 8 steps you can take to help you convince your boss to let you work from home post COVID:


  1. Track your productivity
  2. Showcase your accomplishments while working from home
  3. Be responsive and present
  4. Take into account any post-pandemic changes to your role
  5. Start talking about it early
  6. Approach your manager
  7. Make it about them
  8. Offer a compromise or a trial period


The more evidence you can highlight to your boss, the less it will take to convince them you’re adequate to work from home post-COVID.




Companies don’t want to be left behind or be held to a disadvantage when it comes to employing the best staff.


Sky News reported, John Lewis Partnership is adopting a blended policy for their employees. This policy highlights it could be a popular choice for multiple companies going forward – a sign of a possible long-term change and continuation brought about by COVID-19.


Working from home can now feel like the new ‘norm’, and returning to the office can feel like another big change in our lives.

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