Are you considering investing in an employee wellbeing app for your small business? You have come to the right place. In recent years, employee wellbeing apps for small businesses have increased in popularity.

Employers recognise the many benefits of employee wellbeing apps (which we will cover later in this blog). But finding the best employee wellbeing app for your business can be tricky.

There are, after all a wide range of wellbeing apps. This includes apps that focus on mental health, medication, exercise, healthy living and more. Some wellbeing apps are tailored specifically to businesses, whereas others are not.

In this blog, we are going to outline the best employee wellbeing apps for small businesses. But first, let’s take a look at why it is so important to prioritise employee wellbeing within your small business.

The Importance Of Prioritising Employee Wellbeing In Small Businesses

Small businesses rely heavily on their team, often more so than large businesses and corporations.

Losing a team member can have a significant ripple effect that negatively impacts the rest of the team. This then impacts the quality of work as well as the customer/client service provided by your team.

Similarly, if an employee has to take time off due to health struggles, this will directly affect your team and company.

In addition, if one or more employees is struggling with their wellbeing when at work, it will have a detrimental impact on the rest of your small team.

For example, if someone is stressed or struggling with their anxiety, they may miss deadlines, be less productive in the workplace, be late or absent regularly and they may even experience irritable outbursts.

By prioritising employee wellbeing within your small business, you can help your team improve their physical and mental wellness. With the help of a wellbeing app, you can reduce absenteeism and sick leave, improve workplace productivity, retain valued team members and increase the happiness of your team.

reduce stress with employee wellbeing apps for small businessesThe Best Employee Wellbeing Apps For Small Businesses

As a business owner or employer, we’re sure you are familiar with the recent shift towards employee wellbeing. In recent years, it has become more apparent that prioritising employee wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance can help your bottom line.

As the corporate world has opened up to the idea of having employee wellness goals, the range of apps, tools and training available to businesses has increased. Today, there are countless employee wellbeing apps for small businesses. So, we’re going to share the very best:


Wellspace offers a complete wellness solution for your employee wellbeing, including an app, online portal, expert training and ongoing support.

With a solution that is tailored to each business, Wellspace has successfully helped everyone from small businesses to huge corporations (including Ralph Lauren and FUJITSU).

The Wellspace solution includes an app for employees to use. The app enables your team to track their sleeping pattern, physical activity and mental health. It also offers the opportunity to join fun team challenges geared towards improving mental and physical health.

In addition, the app’s content hub features a wide range of information, advice and tips on how to improve mental and physical health.

The app interface is inviting, innovative, and simple to use, with gamification aspects that increase engagement.

Alongside the app is an online portal for you, the employer. Through the online portal, you can see the areas of health and wellbeing where your employees need support. This data enables you to tailor a company wellbeing strategy and provide support where needed.

The portal also demonstrates VOI, clearly showing the impact your wellbeing initiatives are having on the wellness of your team.

As well as the app and portal, Wellspace also offers wellbeing training both in-house and online. This includes Senior Leadership training, team wellbeing training sessions and Mental Health First Aid Certification.

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Headspace is a workplace app that specialises in meditation and mindfulness. It aims to reduce stress amongst employees through mindfulness programs.

The app offers full access to the Headspace library, a workplace program, member support, an administrator portal, engagement reporting, themed tools for stress and more.

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Strava is a popular health app and is the number 1 app for runners and cyclists. It encourages users to track and analyse every aspect of their physical activity. Users can also share their results with users and friends.

It also offers the chance to connect with fellow users to explore new routes and compete. Although it was not designed specifically for the workplace, Strava is an excellent app for improving physical fitness.


Remente is a wellness app designed for both individuals and businesses. It focuses on personal growth and empowerment through the improvement of mental wellness.

Remente aims to help employees develop mindfulness, incorporate better habits into their daily life, reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. The app also provides the employer with insights, which can be used to create wellbeing initiatives.

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