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Wellspace offers a proactive and integrated workplace wellbeing solution via a secure app and integrated online portal, along with expert workshops and events.

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    Wellspace is designed to ensure seamless integration with your existing EAP and benefits programmes. The content management tool on the portal dashboard delivers not only Wellspace’s expert-led information to your people, but can also incorporate your existing health and wellbeing initiatives and content.

    Wellspace intelligently sets a health baseline that is unique to each user. The application encourages engagement and the portal presents the health trends clearly over time. Data is recorded securely, anonymously and presented on your web portal.

    Sleep Tracker

    Wellspace's employee wellbeing application allows the user to record sleep quality each day. Sleep is vital to our mental and physical health, but it is easy to slip into a sleep deficit. By encouraging employees to track their sleep quality and duration, they will be able to recognise patterns and make small changes that enable them to come to work rested, focussed and happy.

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    Wellbeing App on iPhone - Sleep Tracker

    Activity Tracker

    The Wellspace wellbeing application tracks the physical activity of the user. It accurately logs exercises, calories burned, distance travelled, steps taken, and even floors covered. Small increases in activity levels daily improves overall health, sleep quality, a stronger immune system and builds increased mental resilience. Connect directly to third party wearable or apps such as FitBit, Strava, Garmin, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit to sync all your activity data into Wellspace.

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    Corporate Wellbeing Activity Tracker Profile

    Mental Health Tracker

    Wellspace wellbeing application encourages users to record their mood and attribute triggers for their feelings, allowing employees to identify patterns of emotions, stressors and take proactive steps towards improving their mental resilience and overall health.

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    Corporate Wellbeing Application Mental Heath Tracker

    Team Challenges

    Wellspaces company wide and team challenges creates an engaging social wellbeing feature to drive adoption. Challenge your teams to cover Route 66 or walk from London to Tokyo. Chat rooms and notices boards allow for a strong community element to send praise and encouragement to colleagues. Reward and recognition through points, trophies and benefits drive usage.

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    Corporate wellbeing app team challenges

    The Hub

    A multi-purpose area within the app that contains a collection of quality content such as blogs, articles, podcasts and audio files, courses and video classes. This content includes topics such as:

    Mental Health
    Physical Health
    Wellbeing Tactics
    Financial Wellbeing

    Integrate your existing health and wellbeing initiatives and content directly into Wellspace through our content management tool feature on the portal dashboard.

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    Wellspace employee health and wellbeing development sessions are expert-led and offer 3 levels of learning,

    each one exploring your people’s current attitudes and understanding to provide relevant and practical tactics.

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    What Do Our Clients Say?

    AIG recognises how the current and future employment landscape can create challenges around wellbeing and the need for employers to have a robust wellbeing programme. With this in mind, AIG partnered with Wellspace, a forward thinking corporate wellbeing provider of health and wellbeing digital solutions. AIG clients can take advantage of this expertise and provide the right solutions for employees.

    AIG UK/EuropeClive Sherwood | Head of Risk Consulting

    The Health & Wellbeing of our associates at Jacobs Douwe Egberts has always been a focus for us but in the last 12 months it has become a fundamental part of our business priorities. As part of a survey carried out recently, our associates told us they wanted support and guidance on how to work in healthier ways. In response to this, a cross-functional team worked on a number of initiatives and deliverables, the implementation of Wellspace was one of these. We are delighted to be partnering with Wellspace and Dr Eccles as we support our associates in their Health & Wellbeing not just at work, but in their everyday lives.

    Jacobs Douwe EgbertsNickie Joyce | HR Manager

    We had our first Mental Health Live Session with Dr Nicola Eccles, Head of Wellbeing at Wellspace and it was amazing! 244 employees around all our locations across Europe took part in the session. Dr Nicola gave us a lot of interesting insights about how to tackle our Mental Health and how everyone can take care of it by just little changes in behavior.

    ZooplusLucas Fernandez - HR

    Fujitsu were looking for a new global technology partner that could align with our strategy and vision for the future health and wellbeing of our employees, and allow us to provide our people with an environment where they can thrive.

    The Wellspace approach clearly achieved this goal with the blend of accessible digital services for the employees and clear access to anonymised health insights and data, empowering the Fujitsu leadership team to make positive behaviour changes from the data trends and content Wellspace provides

    FujitsuSarah-Jane Littleford | Head of Responsible Business

    Complete solution

    Wellspace’s wellbeing application brings a complete solution to your workplace wellbeing.

    Data-driven wellness

    Wellspace are on a mission to revolutionise employee mental and physical health and wellness worldwide through intelligent technology, data, training and engagement.

    Three pillars of health

    The Wellspace workplace wellbeing programme encourages healthy living via the three main pillars of wellbeing; physical activity, nutrition and resilience

    Proactive Approach

    A comprehensive system enabling businesses and leaders to engage and play a proactive role in their employee’s wellbeing, maintaining healthier, happier life

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