Corporate Wellbeing In The Ecommerce Industry

Increased demand for products bought online means Ecommerce businesses are busier than ever. This increased demand, irregular shift patterns, and general job pressure can lead to staff fatigue and increased stress levels.

Ecommerce Wellbeing Case Study: Zooplus


“We had our first Mental Health Live Session with Dr Nicola Eccles, Head of Wellbeing at Wellspace and it was amazing! 244 employees around all our locations across Europe took part in the session. 

Dr Nicola gave us a lot of interesting insights about how to tackle our Mental Health and how everyone can take care of it by just little changes in behaviour.”

 Lucas Fernandez – HR At Zooplus

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The Wellspace Solution: Corporate Wellbeing For The Ecommerce Industry

Wellspace Wellbeing App - Feeling Fantastic


Ecommerce warehouses are often busy places where precision and accuracy are essential. To get the best from their workforce, employers need to ensure staff wellbeing is a priority. 

Wellspace has the perfect solution, designed to meet the complexities of large, multi-site employers with our leading employee wellness application and portal. 

Using an intuitive app, employees can record and track their own wellness and health, engage in fun competitions, and access resources and support. 

Meanwhile, through the Wellspace portal, employers can view anonymously gathered data to monitor the overall wellbeing of different teams or locations. This proactive approach to wellness means employers can act quickly before issues such as low team morale, absenteeism, and high staff turnover become entrenched. 

Our solution can be tailored to meet unique business needs and if required, we also provide one-to-one training for managers and employees on a range of wellness and health topics. 

Challenges To Employee Wellness In The Ecommerce Industry 


Ecommerce, especially considering the pandemic, has boomed. Warehouses working in shifts and long hours, instability in supply chains, and the increased pressure to fulfil demand in a competitive market has created a multitude of sector-specific issues.

There is evidence that the ever-growing demand for speed and accuracy that is driven by demand may be further increasing the risk of both mental wellbeing and MSK injury.  

52% of workers in the logistics sector feel like not enough was being done to tackle employee wellbeing – Westfield Health 

There is also evidence that managers in the Ecommerce sector are unsure what they can do to help combat wellbeing issues and implement a scheme that employees will engage with. A large section of those working in Ecommerce are often younger or multilingual people. They also need a solution that works regardless of location, as many Ecommerce firms will have multiple sites.

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