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Workplace Wellbeing

Delivering a global platform that creates accessible and expert wellbeing support to individuals. Providing organisations with the power to lead on workplace wellbeing.

Wellspace is a on a mission to revolutionise workplace wellbeing. Our wellbeing app and online portal deliver clear-cut, measurable results – enabling you to not only manage employee health, but also return on your investment.

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  • Enabling individuals to feel empowered about their mental and physical health.
  • Equipping organisations with expert-led tools and data insights to lead a change in culture around sustained positive wellbeing.
  • Creating a workforce that is connected, performing, engaged and well.

How does the Wellspace workplace wellbeing solution work?

Our workplace wellbeing programs have been designed to accommodate any organisation. The service has a number of offerings. You can select one, a few, or all of them to create a bespoke workplace wellbeing solution for your business.

The App

Complete Wellness Tools

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The Portal

Data Tracking & Management

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The Training

Expertly Leading the way

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Wellspace was created in 2017 by former colleagues and entrepreneurs Jake Adams and Ian Johannessen. From working in the health and safety sector, they could see that workplace wellbeing was often implemented in a reactive, rather than proactive, way meaning it was less impactful.

They developed an app that combined gamification with modern health technology to create a groundbreaking workplace wellness solution.

The platform encourages employees to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, whilst allowing managers and HR professionals to take a pro-active approach to tackling potential wellbeing issues before they arise.

A suite of health and wellbeing content and training delivered by in-house experts means your people can develop healthy habits that improve their overall workplace wellbeing.


By encouraging small, incremental changes to your employee’s fitness and wellness, we can create large changes to their health.

This increases productivity, reduces turnover, and reduces absences through ill health.

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