Benefits Of A Workplace Wellbeing Programme

Creating a culture of wellbeing for a team that are engaged, productive, recognise they are valued and have less absence in the workplace.

Investment in workplace wellbeing is an imperative. The long-term VOI on investing in the wellness of your employees is tenfold. Long-term, you should see a reduction in costs related to health, presenteeism, number of employee absences, length of time employees are away from work, and the cost of sick pay. You’ll also have a more engaged and productive workforce who knows you care about their overall wellbeing.

Jake AdamsCo-Founder of Wellspace

The Benefits Of A Corporate Wellbeing Programme

Happy & Productive

Implementing a workplace wellbeing program leads to happier and more productive employees.

Team Morale

The Wellspace workplace wellbeing programme is a fantastic way of boosting team morale, retaining and attracting talent, and demonstrating you value them.

image of people talking on a chair and beanbag for workplace wellbeing programme, Wellspace At Wellspace we believe in people, their wellbeing and the priority of personal development. It’s at the core of what we do, how we deliver and its impact.

We know that healthy employees are also productive.

The workplace wellbeing programme from Wellspace allows your people to gradually and consistently improve their overall health.

The wellspace app provides content to help employees understand how to improve their physical health and manage their stress levels for improved cognitive function.

Your team will be more productive and energised, able to think clearly, collaborate to solve problems and generate ideas much more effectively.

Using the wellbeing app, enables your team to take small, effective steps to increase their overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

Man relaxing on a deck chair for Wellspace, corporate wellbeing programme Stressed, tired, and unhappy people don’t stay with an organisation for long. One of the major benefits of a meaningful and proactive workplace wellness programme is employee retention.

Replacing people is expensive in time and resources, especially when you are working hard to attract talented people.

By signing up for the workplace wellbeing programme from Wellspace, based on psychological wellbeing and evidence-led behaviour change methodology, you are demonstrating how you value your team and care about their wellbeing, creating a team that is committed, satisfied, and loyal.

cartoon or woman walking to desk for Wellspace, corporate wellbeing solution providerEmployee absence is a significant cost for many organisations, with employees in the UK absent for an average of nearly 8 days per year.

Despite this research only a minority of employers monitor that cost. Line managers in particular play a key role in managing absence. Wellspace’s team sessions enable employees to understand their health and wellbeing better, whilst our senior manager training supports leaders in ensuring their people are kept supported and well in the workplace.

The Wellspace workplace wellbeing programme encourages employees to get more sleep, eat healthily and engage in more movement, to strengthen the immune system.

cartoon of women talking on a beanbag, discussing corporate wellbeing benefitsWith more and more companies offering benefit programmes it makes sense to offer one that’s meaningful for your business and your people.

Offering your future and existing employees the key to better health and wellbeing will set you apart from those just offering free coffee or a bonus day off on their birthday

At Wellspace we are one team working together, to ensure a seamless, meaningful wellbeing experience and a relevant solution for businesses.

We encourage a culture of openness, taking a straightforward approach from the top-down, to create an environment that gives an honest picture of wellbeing in an organisation.

With more businesses than ever hybrid working, the Wellspace portal gives the ability to connect with their people about wellbeing wherever they are based.

Using the Wellspace content hub allows you to communicate core messages and content that’s timely, relevant and impactful for your teams.

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