Corporate Wellbeing In The Construction Industry

Mental ill-health is a silent crisis within the construction industry, with males three times more likely to commit suicide than those in other sectors.

Construction Wellbeing Case Study: Buckingham Group Contracting

“The team at Wellspace have been very helpful, ensuring the development and launch of our account was very easy, and have provided lots of information and support during the onboarding process.  We look forward to working closely with the Wellspace Team, as their first construction industry users, as we use and develop the app.” – Ian McSeveney, Group MD, Buckingham Group Contracting

After reviewing several different wellbeing solutions, Buckingham Construction Group chose Wellspace to roll out our revolutionary app to their workers. We’re delighted to be working with the company to help support their teams and take positive actions against the wellness issues in the construction industry.

The Wellspace Solution: Corporate Wellbeing For The Construction Industry

Wellspace Wellbeing App - Feeling FantasticWellspace is a leading provider of workplace wellbeing apps and training, enabling construction workers to easily take care of their own wellness, engage in fun challenges, access training and support, and provide managers with data such as engagement and overall employee wellness statistics.

Workplace pressure can occur in any industry but as the statistics on this page demonstrate, it can be particularly acute in the construction industry. Our solution enables both employee, and employer to track key indicators of health such as sleep quality, spot issues and patterns and then take positive actions.

Our revolutionary combination of an employee wellness app and portal enables workers to track every aspect of their health and access support, whilst you can monitor engagement and ensure our solution is cost-effective.

We also offer additional training services to use in conjunction with the app which can be provided to employees that need it the most, as established through anonymous data gathering.

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Shocking Stats Call For Sophisticated Solutions

In an industry with hurdles such as culture, possible lack of engagement, and employee location to overcome, any wellbeing solution provided needs to provide engaging initiatives and be technologically sophisticated.

The wellbeing app for the construction industry encourages workers to participate in their own wellness through challenges and practical support. As an app, the solution can be used anywhere and through our portal, managers can obtain an overview of how their teams are engaging, and most importantly, how they’re doing.

The construction industry has some of the worst rates of suicide in the UK, with
male construction workers being 2.7 times more likely to commit suicide than the average person.

26% of construction industry professionals thought about taking their own lives in 2019 and 97% reported being under stress at least once a year and highlighted several work factors that contributed to their poor mental health (CIOB, Mental Health In The Built Environment).

Wellspace App - Corporate WellbeingConstruction is not an easy industry to work in – there can be employment worries because of short term contracts, stress caused by long hours and commutes, time spent away from family, and on most projects – time sensitivity and budget pressures. These can all negatively impact construction workers’ mental health and their self-esteem.

Statistically a male-dominated industry, construction has seen a ‘macho’ culture become embedded within organisations that prevented workers from speaking out and seeking the support they need, causing further deterioration of their mental health.

It’s a combination of these shocking statistics and ingrained cultures that made construction companies start to stand up and take proactive measures when it comes to inspiring change and supporting employee wellbeing.

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