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Wellspace was created in 2017 by entrepreneurs Jake Adams and Ian Johannessen.

As former colleagues in lone worker safety, they decided to channel their commitment to their own health and wellbeing into something that would benefit other businesses, and began to gather a team of experts around them.

Today the Wellspace family comprises behaviour and wellness experts, medical practitioners, coaches, professional communicators and tech designers. This creates a powerful combination of evidence to lead medical and psychological knowledge, combined with technological expertise, to enable your employees to live healthier, happier lives at home and work.

Dr Nicola Eccles

Dr Nicola Eccles

Head of Wellbeing

Dr Nicola Eccles is our Head of Wellbeing. Nicola has been working in health-related behaviour for over 20 years and is a true expert in her field. Nicola has worked with a number of organisations to implement and evaluate innovative health programmes under Wellspace.
Jake adams

Jake Adams

Co-Founder & Head of Product

For the last ten years Jake has been involved in a plethora of start-ups from sustainable energy, to health and safety, and so has always been conscious of the need to take care of employee's health and wellbeing to maintain success. Jake saw an opportunity to combine innovative technologies with a skilled delivery of wellness service and training, which would ultimately produce a bespoke and unique comprehensive corporate wellbeing solution.
Ian Johannessen, co founder of employee wellbeing experts, Wellspace

Ian Johannessen

Co-Founder & Chairman

Ian has enjoyed a fruitful career founding and building businesses. In 2017 Ian exited Peoplesafe, a premium health and safety service for lone worker protection. His experience and interest lies in working with all types of clients to assist and create positive culture around their safety and wellbeing needs.
Clare Walkenden

Clare Walkeden

Wellbeing Lead

A qualified developmental Coach, leaning into the wellbeing space, using a blended, not “one size fits all”, approach that enables ambitious business owners and organisational managers to gain momentum.

Clare is also a highly experienced Marketing and Communications manager - including internal and external comms, content creation, MarComms strategy and brand management.

Ashleigh Liversage

Content Marketing Manager

An experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with expertise in digital design and creating engaging content. With a passion for crafting meaningful content that resonates with audiences and delivers results, Ashleigh is your go-to for everything content-related!
Paul henderson of Wellspace

Paul Henderson


With a background in communication engineering, Paul has previously been involved in start up companies focusing on employee health and safety, driven by the latest technologies. Delivering simple solutions to complex customer issues while ensuring platform security, scalability and high availability.

David Connolly

Lead Developer

David Connolly is our Lead Developer and in charge of all application and portal management feature development and maintenance. David is a wizard with PHP, Laravel and React Native.
Dr Luke

Dr Luke Skelton

Medical Advisor

Dr Luke Skelton (MSc BSc MBChB) completed his medical training at the University of Sheffield, his Psychology degree at the University of Leeds and his Palliative Care masters degree at Kings College London. Having spent time working in acute medicine he now works as a Psychiatrist at South London and the Maudsley NHS Trust. He holds a position as a Winston Churchill Fellow, through which he will undertake research into best practices within Community Mental health world-wide.
Wellspace team

Amy Garcia

Fitness Coach

Amy is a passionate educator and personal trainer. BEd (Bachelor of Education: Health and Human Movement) - The University of Sydney.
Amy is focused on the power and ability of movement to directly improve mental health and wellbeing for adults. Amy brings her infectious energy and growth mindset to everything that she does and is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and mindset. Her workouts are a unique mix of physical movement, mobility, HIIT both cardiovascular and strength combined with meditation. With special attention on form and detail to create an uplifting and motivational workout. No matter your experience level, her workouts are inclusive and offer modifications for all abilities. You'll be captivated by Amy's radiant persona and positive attitude.
As a successful and motivating trainer, working out with Amy in a Wellspace class or during a private training session will leave you feeling confident, focused and energised from within!
Amy is available for individual and group virtual movement, mobility and meditation sessions at a time that suits your employees.
Wellspace staff

Rebekah Few

Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Rebekah is an experienced freelance mental health and wellbeing consultant, facilitator
and writer with a wide portfolio resulting from participation within many facets of the
speciality. She has worked for 13 years in mental health and wellbeing working in patient-
facing roles as a wellbeing practitioner and behaviour change specialist, alongside leading
public health teams. She is actively engaged with her field and holds a membership with the Royal Society of Public Health and British Psychological Society. Alongside this she is also an associate of Mental Health First Aid England and the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine.

Sarah Windrum

Investor and NED

Sarah believes strongly in technology as a force for good and supports individuals, organisations, and regions to make best use of it. Whether your goal is economic growth; delivering innovation; or developing a talent pipeline for the future - investment in digital infrastructure, skills, and culture is crucial. This is where Sarah's skills and experience can help by enabling use cases; demonstrating return on investment; and securing collaboration.
Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence

Investor & NED

Michael is an investor and NED at Wellspace, bringing over 20 years experience in technology businesses. He has led teams in big business and small delivering great marketing, strategy and product leadership.
Andy Fry

Andy Fry

Investor & NED

Andy Fry is a Non Executive Director with experience across many industries. He is also a business investor and non-executive director. His main areas of expertise are in leadership of IT/Technology/Digital, Customer Services, Operations, Programme Management, Planning and Business Insight. He has worked for some of the largest brands incl. Vodafone, Sky, Etihad Airways and Air New Zealand.
Louis Q

Louis Q

Fitness Coach

Louis is an experienced boxer with a heart warming smile. Louis Q enjoys bringing the unexpected out of people, taking the room to new heights and creating an electric atmosphere. You will be tested and guided through mental challenges that will result in physical gains. He has a strong enforcement mindset and believes all goals are achievable. ‘Quick fixes’ are not an answer to him, many small changes will add up to a mountain of achievement. Louis Q combines his vast knowledge of music with fitness to create a powerful uplifting environment for Wellspace users.
Courtnay Osbourne Walker

Courtnay Osbourne Walker

Fitness Coach

Courtnay, is a competitive sprinter and qualified personal trainer with a passion for strength & conditioning. Courtnay's Wellspace classes will have you moving at high speeds and with her nurturing nature, you’ll feel supported and invincible from warm up to cool down.
Charles Freligh, PhD

Charles Freligh, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Charles has a PhD in clinical psychology and training and experience in providing psychotherapy, and is an explorer of meditation and of consciousness, generally. He has experience leading in-person and online mindfulness and meditation courses for a variety of audiences including college students, military personnel, athletes, and the general community. He's also published original research in the peer-reviewed journal Mindfulness and writes the Mindful Lens column for Nature’s Best Photography Magazine. His goal is to combine his knowledge and experiences from the worlds of psychology and mindfulness/ meditation in order to provide you with a unique training. A qualified developmental Coach, leaning into the wellbeing space, using a blended, not “one size fits all”, approach that enables ambitious business owners and organisational managers to gain momentum.
Helen Faliveno

Helen Faliveno

Yoga Instructor

Helen is a yoga teacher and content creator for Wellspace. She started getting into yoga in 2012, after working in E-commerce and wasn’t dealing with stress very well. She decided she needed something to make her leave work on time, so started booking into yoga classes. Helen started feeling calmer, almost lighter, more compassionate towards herself and others. And then in 2016 Helen passed her 200 hours of Yoga training and since then has accumulated a mass following as a creator.
Jamie Clements

Jamie Clements

Breathwork Coach

Jamie is a breathwork and meditation coach and mental health ambassador for Wellspace based in London. Having discovered breathwork and meditation the practice had a profound impact on him, significantly improving his physical and mental wellbeing. Jamie strongly believes that these tools are the most universal and powerful tools that we all have access to change our minds and live healthier, happier lives.
A qualified developmental Coach, leaning into the wellbeing space, using a blended, not “one size fits all”, approach that enables ambitious business owners and organisational managers to gain momentum.
Georgia Emms

Georgia Emms


Georgia's background is in Physical Health, Human Biosciences and Nutrition which has given her a solid foundation on which to build her asana practice. She has since developed a powerful practice incorporating breath work, mindfulness and meditation, allowing her listeners to truly appreciate the power of holistic health and wellbeingA qualified developmental Coach, leaning into the wellbeing space, using a blended, not “one size fits all”, approach that enables ambitious business owners and organisational managers to gain momentum.
Enda Quaely

Enda Quaely

Meditation Coach

Enda is a meditation and mindfulness instructor for Wellspace who has helped high performers manage stress and anxiety over his career. His work and dulcet voice has helped 1000s of others and his hope is that the same will be the case for you.

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