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Increase Engagement

The Wellspace employee wellbeing portal allows you to tailor your activities based on your colleagues’ needs. It intelligently gathers the data your teams generate on the Wellspace wellbeing app and displays it based on sleep data, mental wellbeing, or physical activity in an easy to digest interface.

We know that introducing meaningful solutions and tactics to employees means that they are more likely to get involved and stay engaged with wellbeing schemes, providing longer term benefits for everyone.

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Target Activity

Being able to see the areas of health and wellbeing where your colleagues need support is valuable. The Wellspace wellbeing portal allows you to group employee trends based on the wellbeing activity they input into the employee wellbeing app. This allows you to take the temperature of the whole organisation to build the wider wellbeing strategy and tailor wellbeing activity where there is a specific need. We know this creates more take up, engagement and impact for the organisation and employees as a whole.

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Demonstrate VOI

The Wellspace employee wellbeing portal clearly shows the impact your initiatives have on the wellbeing of your colleagues.

For example: imagine introducing a lunchtime walking group and being able to prove that 50 of your staff are doing 70% more exercise in their day. Or perhaps introducing training sessions that show teams felt 70% less stressed than prior to implementation. The Wellspace health and wellbeing portal puts this impactful information at your fingertips.

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Reward Engagement

The Wellspace corporate wellbeing portal clearly shows you the percentage of employees engaging with the wellbeing programme, allowing you to maximise your value on investment (VOI) and the benefits. When it comes to health and wellbeing, Wellspace believes that effort should be rewarded, rather than achievement, because we know that this creates better engagement and better results! You can use the wellness portal to see which employees are really trying their best and reward them with Wellspace Employee Rewards.

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