How Is The Wellspace Wellbeing App Different?

The Wellspace wellbeing app is intuitive, and easy to use with gamification aspects that increase engagement.

At Wellspace we celebrate employees commitment to their health and wellbeing, everyday – because small changes lead to big outcomes!

Your all-in-one solution for personal growth and organisational wellbeing, powered by science and tailored for you.

Sleep Tracker

Wellspace’s wellbeing app allows the user to record sleep quality and quantity each day. Sleep is vital to our mental and physical health, but it is easy to let good habits slip.

Encouraging employees to track their sleep quality and duration, enables them to recognise patterns and make small changes that enable them to come to work rested, focused and happy.

Activity Tracker

The Wellspace wellbeing app accurately tracks physical activity, exercises, calories burned, distance travelled, steps taken, and even floors covered.

Small increases in activity levels daily improves overall health, sleep quality, a stronger immune system and builds increased mental resilience. Connect directly to third party wearable or apps such as FitBit, Strava, Garmin, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit to sync all your activity data into the Wellspace app.

Mental Health Tracker

Wellspace’s wellbeing app encourages users to record their mood and attribute triggers for their feelings, allowing employees to identify patterns of emotions, stressors and take proactive steps towards improving their mental resilience and overall health.

Team Challenges

Team chat and discussions within the wellbeing app create a strong community element and encouragement for colleagues. Reward and recognition through points, trophies and benefits drives usage.

Challenges can be personalised to your organisation with notifications throughout the duration offering support or organisational messages.


Content Hub

Expert curated content in different formats such as blogs and articles, podcasts and audio files, courses and video classes for self supported learning. Our extensive content hub includes topics such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition and Recipes
  • Sleep
  • Financial Wellbeing

Integrate your existing health and wellbeing initiatives and content directly into Wellspace through our content management tool feature on the portal dashboard.


Individuals can spend time reflecting on their wellbeing, view their progress over time and update their interests through the journal tab within the Wellspace wellbeing app.

By interacting with the app, content is provided intuitively to support interests and responses.

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