Corporate Wellbeing In The Aviation Industry

Work-related stress can occur in any industry, but the high pressure associated with aviation, including safety issues and time constraints, means many employees - from pilots to baggage handlers, could be struggling with excess stress.

The Wellspace app and online portal enables managers in the aviation industry to manage employee mental and physical health, providing access to services such as training and one to one support, whilst showing a tangible return on investment.

Aviation Wellbeing Case Study: Leading Edge Aviation

“Training to become a commercial pilot is an intensive process with regular deadlines and exams, which is why wellbeing support and training is so important.” – Katie Broadhurst – Chief Talent Officer, Leading Edge Aviation

Leading Edge Aviation asked Wellspace to be an integral partner to their cadet training programme. The dynamic training academy pride itself on caring for every aspect of their student’s path into commercial flying, including equipping them with the tools to handle stress and pressure.

The Wellspace Solution: Corporate Wellbeing For The Aviation Industry

Wellspace Wellbeing App - Feeling Fantastic

Wellspace is a leading provider of a workplace wellbeing app and training, enabling employees to take care of their own wellness, access training and support, and provide leaders with important performance data.

We understand that pressures can run high in any workplace but that this is particularly sensitive in the aviation industry where basic wellness indicators – such as quality of sleep, can have a significant impact on staff wellness and of course, safety.

Our revolutionary combination of an employee wellness app and portal enables your colleagues to track every aspect of their health and access support, whilst you can monitor engagement and pinpoint any wellbeing issues. Our additional training services are used in conjunction with the app to provide employees with the support they need, as identified by anonymous data gathering.

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When Safety Is Paramount

In the Aviation sector, approximately 114,000 pilots alone, not including other personnel such as baggage handlers and air traffic controllers, could be experiencing mental health challenges. 

Many sources of work-related stress are common to those working in the aviation industry, especially shift workers. Safety performance is directly related to how everyone in the sector, from front line staff to CEOs handle day to day stresses and how well they can care for their own wellbeing and mental health.

For obvious reasons, safety is the top priority in the industry and employees’ overall performance relies on both aspects of individual and collective states of wellbeing. Safety lapses, accidents, and misjudgements are more likely to occur when stress levels are running high; there is a long-established relationship between a person’s wellbeing, performance, and flight safety. A happier aviation workforce is a safer workforce.

Mental health research, from the charity Mind, suggests that 1 in 6 adults are experiencing a mental health condition at any one time. When applied to the aviation industry, that means 114,000 pilots alone could be facing mental health challenges.

Pressures and stress on staff in the industry can start early on in their careers too – the training needed to become a commercial pilot rigorous and involves demanding exams.

In an industry where the latest technology is standard and safety is of the highest order, an equally technological solution is required when it comes to corporate wellbeing and caring for the mental health of workers.

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