Blue Monday – supposed to be the most depressing of the year. Post-holiday feels and debt and the realisation that the normal routine is being resumed makes a pretty grim outlook on the week/months ahead.

Highlight the word, supposed.

That’s correct. Blue Monday isn’t a thing, it’s completely made up. Fiction.

Not one day is designed to have all the weight on your shoulders. If we are talking statistically, Tuesday is actually the least happy day of the week. This is because it feels like the furthest day away from the weekend.

What I’m getting at is, no matter the day the issues or weight on our shoulders are brewing up, they need resolving and with real solutions.

In this Wellspace blog, we aren’t going to teach you how to change the weather or enhance your company’s budget. What we will do is help you beat your blue Monday feels in the workplace by giving you real by giving you a real set of tips.

Stop Scrolling & Beat Blue Monday

There have been mountains of research that suggests excessive scrolling on social media isn’t good for your mental health. Instead of spending your free time on Instagram or scrolling through the endless number of pictures, you took whilst you were out of the office, pick up a book or watch TV instead. Both stimulate your imagination and can make you feel more fulfilled than mindless scrolling.

Get Your Heart Rate Going Or Take A Break

Taking a break throughout the day can help with productivity, creativity and help reduce stress. Although exercise will be on your list, there are more benefits to getting your blood pumping than just burning calories. From a quick walk in your lunch break to an after-work yoga session, exercise releases tons of endorphins, lifting your mood and making you happy!

Mindfulness And Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation can help employees focus on the present and provide relief from the anxiety and stress of post-holiday memories. Encouraging others whilst focusing on wellness allows us to focus on ourselves yet encourage goodwill and kindness towards others.

Studies have shown that meditation can reduce anxiety and increase stress resilience and resistance. Meditating also helps people keep cool and allows you to gain some perspective before searching for solutions and solving problems.

Women practising mindfulness and meditationOrganise Events Or Collaboration

When people are feeling low, support employees or your colleagues through Blue Monday with a fun team event they can look forward to. For example, get your team together with a series of escape rooms or a special lunch offering. Try and take the mind of the gloom and embrace a new day.

Encourage your team to collaborate more often. Collaboration and teamwork can increase creativity, help strengthen relationships, create a more positive work environment, and boost individual confidence – It’s a win, win.

Learn A New Skill

Create a sense of fulfilment within your workplace by helping people to learn a new skill. People who actively learn new skills don’t give their brains a chance to subside. In the same way that physical exercise helps keeps our body healthy, mental exercise helps keeps our brain in shape. Learning something new will keep your employee’s interest levels high, as doing the same things over and over can become monotonous, but learning a new skill breaks that cycle.

Remember That Tomorrow Is A New Day

Blue Monday is just an imaginary day, you will always have the ability to come out the other side smiling. If you have any suggestions on how to beat Blue Monday yourself, share them by leaving a comment below!

How Wellspace Can Help

At Wellspace, we specialise in bringing your best team to work through gamification monitoring of your employee’s overall wellbeing.

Our workplace app is an easy way to consistently improve and monitor wellbeing. Which will, in turn, create a better workplace culture. It encourages friendly competition where team members are rewarded on consistency rather than ability. The app is designed to celebrate every little victory along your wellbeing journey. It also helps create habits, accountability, and trust.

In 2023, learn to lead with your wellbeing, you’ll consistently beat the blues.

Why not contact us today to see how you and your employees can beat blue Monday, or email – we will be happy to help you!

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