Corporate Wellbeing In The Manufacturing Industry

Employee wellness in the manufacturing industry can be directly linked to productivity and safety. Employers are increasingly recognising that happier workers are safer, and more productive workers.

Manufacturing Wellbeing Case Study: Dura Composites

“We have been really pleased with the response (to Wellspace) from staff, and the initiative has now sparked a number of other pop-up staff activity groups such as open water swimming and golf.” – Charmaine Steele, Culture & People Development Manager, Dura Composites

Dura Composites are an award-winning manufacturing company, based in Essex. They rolled out our wellbeing solution to help combat some of the challenges staff may have been facing, both at work and home. The goal was to help the wider team find a sustainable way to manage their own physical and mental health needs.

The Wellspace Solution: Corporate Wellbeing For The Manufacturing Industry

Wellspace Wellbeing App - Feeling FantasticWellspace is a leading provider of workplace wellbeing apps and training, enabling employees to easily take care of their own wellness, access training and support, and provide leaders with important performance data.

Our revolutionary employee wellbeing app enables workers to record every aspect of their health – including sleep quality, and access informative resources and support. Managers can easily measure key indicators of workforce wellness, such as mood, using our portal.

Anonymously gathered data can be used in reports and compared against industry key performance indicators such as productivity and safety.

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Linking Safety, Wellbeing And Productivity In Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is not without its challenges, managing safety and productivity are just part of the industry pressures that include staff and skill shortages, high staff turnover, variable demand for products, and supply issues – the challenges are numerous.

Working in such a high-pressure industry can lead to health challenges for employees, these can either be stress-related or physical health issues. Shift workers are particularly prone to stress and sleep problems which in turn, can decrease productivity, increase absenteeism, and in serious cases, compromise safety.

Now, many in the industry are looking toward corporate wellbeing solutions to improve staff wellness. Using data-driven solutions, like ours, businesses can easily assess and pinpoint areas of concern, implement solutions such as one-to-one training, or counselling, and then proactively counteract productivity and safety challenges.

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