Enhance your corporate health and wellbeing programme

The Focus wellbeing training sessions from Wellspace provide group training to enhance your corporate health and wellbeing programme. Pick and choose from the topics that would most benefit your staff. Use the staff wellness data generated by the Wellspace wellness app to help you select the workshops for your teams.

Focused Wellbeing Training Sessions

Topics that would most benefit your staff


A healthy body and mind starts with good sleep.

The Wellspace Sleep wellbeing training session will impress on your team how important sleep is for their body and mind.

They will understand the importance of high quality sleep of a proper duration by exploring the physiological processes which require sleep, such as cell repair and cognitive function.

Your team will also learn how to make simple changes to their routine that will give them a better quality sleep.

They will sleep better, be more productive, and have improved mental wellbeing.

This wellbeing training session is especially useful for those who have trouble sleeping or like to burn the midnight oil, resulting in a more productive and energised workforce.

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True happiness cannot be achieved without positivity.

This wellbeing training session will encourage the individuals to question their mindset and explore how it may have developed.

They will harness the power of their brains to control and alter their thought pattern and banish negative thoughts as they occur.

Self doubt and the anxiety it can create will be put under the microscope, as your teams examine the relationship they have with themselves.

Practical tools and tips for positive thinking will be the key to a happier staff force.

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Activity And Sedentary Behaviour

In this wellbeing training session, your staff will explore their attitudes and preconceptions about exercise and take steps towards increasing their activity levels.

They will learn about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, such as musculoskeletal complains, organ issues, mental wellbeing, and even digestive problems.

This will give your staff the impetus to reduce the amount of sitting they do and incorporate activity into their life, which we will encourage through sustainable routines and habits.

Your staff will be more energetic, healthier, and more focused.

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Stress And How To Manage

Stress is not the challenge faced, but the way we deal with that challenge. It is an unavoidable biological response, but the effects can be mitigated or enhanced, depending on how it is dealt with.

During this stress wellbeing workshop your staff will examine their coping mechanisms and the effectiveness of them.

Your employees will be given practical and effective coping strategies for those stressful times.

This will result in better overall mental health, fewer instances of sickness for mental health issues, and better sleep quality.

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One of the three Pillars of Health, good nutrition is the corner stone of overall health and wellbeing.

This Nutrition wellbeing session from Wellspace will explore the essential role that nutrition plays in our daily lives, such as stamina, sleep quality, immune system health, and cognitive function.

Your staff will explore the barriers to eating healthily and discover ways to overcome them.

They will also learn simple ways to fuel their body and mind with a balanced and convenient range of foods and meal ideas.

Your teams will energetic, productive, and alert.

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Healthy Habits

Positive change comes through forming healthy habits.

During this session your employees will study their day to day routines and habits and reflect on how beneficial they are to their health.

These might be obviously negative habits, such as smoking or heavy drinking, or they might be subtler, such as eating too much salt, or allowing negative thoughts to creep in.

They will learn ways to adapt their current routines to allow for small sustainable changes that will facilitate their long term mental and physical health.

Your staff will feel the long-term benefit of your corporate wellness programme, boosting your ROI.

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Just as your body needs to relax, your mind needs to rest too. Not doing so results in burn out, a lack of creativity and disillusionment.

This wellbeing course will display the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and how this practice can energise and restore.

Your teams will learn how important it is to take time for yourself without guilt.

Mindfulness aims to achieve a relaxed, non-judgemental awareness of your thoughts, feelings and sensations and can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

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Trainers You Can Trust - The Wellspace team is made up of nutritional and wellness experts from all over the country, many of whom are pioneers in their field.

Who is The Focus Wellbeing Training Suitable For?

The Focus wellbeing training is suitable for any staff who want to be able to make positive changes to their life and require practical, useful advice and support in order to do so.

It is suitable for staff of any age or ability.

Your staff will be productive, resourceful, creative, and energised, whatever the day brings.

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