If you want to provide wellness training for your staff but don’t have much time, these Lunch Time Bites are perfect!

We will come to your workplace to hold these lunchtime training sessions that your teams can pick up during their lunchtime.

They can learn some practical skills and tips to boost their overall wellbeing over their sandwiches!

Have a look a the lunch menu here!

Lunch Time Training Sessions

Convenient Workshop Training For your staff on lunch!

DIY Self-Confidence

Explore the development of self-confidence. Discover ways to re-establish a greater degree of self confidence in order to achieve the things that matter.

What CAN’T you do?

Explore the importance and the benefits from getting out of your comfort zone. Self-challenge is one way to grow and learn to realise there are no limits on what you can achieve, other than the ones we place upon ourselves.

The Art of Saying No (thank you)

Learn how to feel confident enough to stop swamping yourself with too much of what you don’t want to do, or can’t reasonably achieve.

The Power of Positivity

Gain an understanding of your brain and brain chemistry to learn how they make you feel and behave. Learn that developing optimism and new thought patterns can rewire your brain for a happier and healthier you.

Me, myself and I

One relationship that is often overlooked is the one we have with ourselves. It is an important relationship to be aware of and nurture, as our internal dialogue can be a source of valuable support or a drain on our energy.


Often, the only time we feel able to relax our minds is when we have done everything else that we deemed essential, or when our bodies have just plain run out of energy. Just as our bodies need to be fuelled, exercised and rested, so do our minds.

I’m absolutely fine! Positively coping

Explore ways to cope more easily with the day to day hassles of life. Learn some techniques to use to reduce the crushing sense of the pressures in life.

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Supercharge your day!

A collection of lifestyle hacks to see you through a healthier 24 hours.

Activity Boost!

Learn how many ways you can incorporate movement into your life, and be surprised by how good it makes you feel. No lycra needed!

Tai Chi

Balance your body and mind. Improve your balance and strength.


Combine the discipline of yoga into your working day. Develop your strength, flexibility and focus on the moment. Age-proof your most valuable asset.

Active Ageing

Learn the ways to future-proof your health through maintaining your activity and energy levels.

Routines and Healthy Habits

Discover the secret to maintaining healthier habits and how to incorporate them into every-day life.

Sedentary behaviour

What is it exactly and how it damages us both mentally and physically.

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Sleeping Beauty or Beast?

The science behind sleep and why it is so important for our health. Learn why sleep is as transformative as eating well and exercising.

Tasty Lunches

What’s not to love about a free lunch! Come along to learn simple ways to plan a week of healthy packed lunches that will leave your colleagues jealous and drooling.

Alcohol Awareness

The facts about the effects of alcohol on your body and mood and why so many of us use this coping mechanism.

Smoking Awareness

Learn the facts about smoking and the effect it has on your body. Explore the far-reaching effects that smoking has on every system of your body.

Sugar Awareness

Explore the world of food and sugar, and what it does to our bodies. Discover the hidden presence of sugar in foods that may surprise you.

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MOT Your Body

We have our cars serviced and MOT’d each year to ensure no breakdowns and no expensive bills. Do you do the same for your body? The ‘top to bottom’ checks should you be considering to ensure your health runs smoothly through the decades.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness involves the process of learning about how to effectively manage your money. Learn how to develop a budget and plan your savings as well as your spending. Live within your means based on your monthly income.

Surviving the Early Years

A new-parents (and grand-parents) guide to getting through the fog and thriving with a young family.

Trainers You Can Count On!

Our team of wellness experts are qualified and experienced in their field of wellness. Our number includes mental health specialists, fitness experts, weight loss specialists, and medical doctors.

Our team has devised a thoroughly tested and credible training session to help your staff feel amazing.

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