The Christmas period is often one of the busiest throughout the whole year. With parties to attend and extra shopping to take care of, you can be forgiven for being busy during the next few weeks.

You’re responsible for looking after your employees this festive season, it’s important not to neglect them and their feelings. Failing to do so can impact office morale and productivity.

Keeping your employees happy should be a priority all year round for all business owners and managers, especially over the Christmas period. Employees would rather be at home than at work, so as an employer it’s helpful to know how you can boost employee morale.

Lucky for you we have created some tips for you. In this Wellspace blog, we are going to discuss ways in which you can boost employee morale over the Christmas period.

How Do You Boost Employee Morale For Christmas?

Get Into The Spirit

Just because it’s a workday, doesn’t mean it needs to be all deadlines and meetings, suits and shiny shoes. If you tone down the formal work atmosphere a bit, your employees will feel more relaxed and more eager to work.

If your workplace usually requires a uniform, consider a dress down day, or simply putting some chocolates or snacks out for your hardworking staff.

Introduce Flexible Hours

It might seem a bit contrary but allowing employees to be more flexible with their working hours can increase productivity and boost employee morale.

As they may have a tight to-do list, such as sorting out Christmas shopping or going to end-of-year school plays, you may notice a rise in presenteeism in the workplace. That’s when employees are physically in the office, but mentally elsewhere. Therefore, introducing flexible working hours will empower them to manage their work-life balance and make them work efficiently. A win-win for all!

Decorate The Office

It’s no secret that decorated office spaces can boost employee morale and productivity. If your office space isn’t up to scratch aesthetically, now’s a great time to do something about it.

When your staff are Christmas shopping, they will be subject to constant visuals of decorated streetlights, shop windows and makeshift Christmas trees. Don’t allow them to turn up to an undecorated office, it will be dull and depressing.

So, dig out the tinsel, buy a tree, burn some cinnamon candles, and make things exciting, brighter and get into the spirit. Even if the changes are subtle, it will help to boost morale and take thoughts of that 200-page report that needs to be done for Monday.

Secret Santa

An absolute classic that everybody loves! Secret Santa is a great way to engage your employees in the festive season. If your staff are up for taking part, agree on a spending limit per person and everyone gets a gift they can enjoy.

It can also be a good way for people to bond if they draw the name of someone they don’t know very well. By making the gift-giving process an event, you can give staff something to look forward to and get the Christmas spirit flowing.

Boosting employee morale with secret santaReward Them With A Bonus

Yes, we know money isn’t everything, and the concept isn’t new, but it remains a hot favourite amongst employees.

In fact, nothing keeps employees more motivated to do their best than holiday bonuses. Instead of offering them some extra cash, you can opt for gifts to let them know they are appreciated. From e-cards to shopping vouchers to food baskets, be generous and creative with the gifts.

Christmas Party

Hosting a Christmas party is a must. It’s the perfect way to allow co-workers to bond with each other in a relaxed and fun-packed environment.

The celebrations should reflect your company’s distinctive culture and should be inclusive of part-timers, interns, and remote workers. A year-end party can go a long way in keeping motivation levels at their peak all through the next year as well.

Wellspace: Get In Touch

Employee recognition has been proven time and time again as one of the most important factors in driving workplace engagement, employee retention, productivity and boosting morale.

The worst thing business owners and managers could do in the run-up to Christmas, are become the office Scrooge instead of the office hero. It’s time to embrace the festive season and level up your team morale and employee engagement!

If you’d like help maintaining these levels once the Christmas Period has ended, Wellspace can help! We ensure you bring your best team to work and send them home healthy.

Prioritise wellbeing with our workplace app, portal, and workshops. Contact one of our team today we’d love to meet you and understand your employee-wellness goals for the future!

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