The sceptical employer or HR Manager thinking of a way to motivate employees and improve the wellness of their organisation, will always question, does wellbeing training really work?


Well in a word yes, it does.


Wellbeing training does work, and for all sorts of reasons you may not have considered.


Furthermore, Wellbeing training can have a marked improvement on the culture within the organisation, turning an often toxic and disparaging atmosphere in to a positive and productive one in just a short space of time.


So, are you an employer or HR Manager with a company culture headache but you are doubtful as to how Wellbeing Training really works? Read on to find out more!


Why Change the Culture of the Workplace?


When the culture in the workplace is poor, the effect on the employees is particularly negative, leading to high absenteeism, low productivity and a high staff turnover.


By introducing a Wellbeing Training scheme, it doesn’t take long to turn this around, and let’s face it positivity, just like negativity, is catching.


And as the changes in the culture become self-perpetuating employers and HR Managers alike will soon start to see reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and more creative employees who will commit their long-term plans to the organisation.

group of happy people for does wellbeing training really work blogHow Can Wellbeing Training Change the Culture in my Organisation?


Wellbeing training can change the culture of an organisation because its fundamental objective is to improve the overall wellness of all employees, by revolutionising the company approach to health and wellbeing within the workplace.


And here at Wellspace, we can offer your company the tools and on-going support to achieve this.


Firstly, we will arrange an assessment of the organisation in order to establish what areas of health and wellbeing company would benefit from most all.


We look at three areas of wellness amongst employees which include their Physical, Social and Mental health, and we offer a variety of training programs which aim to offer improvements in these key areas of wellbeing.


Couple this with the Employee Wellness Application that your staff will automatically have access to when you sign up to the program, and the overall health of the organisation will start to improve, leading to an improvement in the company culture.


What does the Wellbeing Training Involve?


The Wellbeing training includes a wide variety of options for your employees to tap in to, to support their health and wellbeing.


This includes dietary advice for meals in minutes when you arrive home from a busy day in the office, or healthy options for lunch time meals that will help you avoid the mid-afternoon slump.


In addition, there is loads of advice and plenty of motivational ideas for getting physical, even when you only have limited time to do so, which to be fair, is usually the case for many full time employees who juggle, work, home and personal commitments on a daily basis, and it’s probably something you as an employer can relate to!


There’s also a mood tracker, which encourages employees to track how they are feeling and recognise particular triggers which can lead to an increase in stress and low mood. This is a perfect opportunity for employees to recognise patterns in their mental wellbeing and put coping strategies in place to ensure that the stresses they experience do not lead to damaging changes in their mental health.


It could be as simple as improving sleep patterns, making changes to eating and drinking habits, or improving other areas of your employees’ lives, such as guidance on personal financial management, which if this is not being managed properly, can definitely impact on the daily stresses causing a low mood and affect company culture.

person eating healthy meal for does wellbeing training really work blog

What other Benefits are there to Wellbeing Training?


By embarking on a wellbeing training program with Wellspace, there are loads of additional benefits for employers and employees alike.


Such as 1-2-1 support, focused training, regular health and wellbeing news updates, and rewards from leading retailers such as John Lewis, Vue Cinemas and Virgin Active Gyms!


There’s also the Wellness App that employees can tap into which is engaging and easy to use and focuses very much on the positive progress of employees as they embark on their new health and wellbeing journey supported and endorsed by a caring and encouraging employer!


And whilst your employees health and wellbeing is improving, this is having a positive effect on the culture of the workplace meaning you will see overall improvements to productivity and output!



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Our expert team of wellbeing professionals would be delighted to chat to you about any aspect of workplace wellness and can guide you expertly through the benefits of embarking on a wellbeing training program through Wellspace.


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