All job sectors come with stress, but the levels of stress may vary depending on specific roles within that industry.

The manufacturing industry can be quite a stress-inducing sector to work in. And stress can cause absenteeism and presenteeism in employees, which means the workplace is understaffed and unproductive.

For the manufacturing company overall, this could mean reduced productivity – work with less results. Something which can have a negative impact on the company.

We’re going to look at some of the top causes of stress in the manufacturing industry in this blog. As well as the use of wellbeing apps in industries to help better employee wellbeing.

Some of the Top Causes of Stress within Manufacturing

Health and Safety is incredibly important in the manufacturing sector.

Stress can actually make employees more susceptible to incidents at work. So knowing what might make manufacturing employees stressed can help a company have a healthier, safer, and happier workforce.

These are the top 3 causes of stress in the manufacturing industry:

1.     High Demands

There are large production quotas in manufacturing so there are high demands to match.

Having such a loaded schedule can be even more stressful when it’s similar for all employees. You can’t pass over a task and a lot of staff don’t have the extra time to provide aid. When employees feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they have, they’ll feel stressed.

2.     Shift Patterns

Some employees have day shifts and others, night shifts. But no matter which, working irregular and long hours can be tiring on the body and the mind.

As well as becoming tired from long or irregular hours, other aspects of their life may start to suffer. Unsocial working hours means that individuals’ social lives are impacted. This could, therefore, affect any work-life balance they might have established. And maintaining a healthy balance would be difficult.

3.     Job Insecurity

Job security is very important to most people. The manufacturing industry has seen reductions in employee numbers over time for many different reasons. This is stressful for employees as there’s the potential threat of losing their job.

Implementing proactive measures to help identify workplace stress can help to see a reduction in employee incidents and accidents.

These days, there’s so much technical prowess that there are extra ways you can offer support to employees.

Wellbeing applications. Which they’ll have access to 24/7 through their mobile phone – a gadget that is with most people all the time. Though not everyone can use their phone until work breaks, they’ll, most likely, still have their phone on them.

Wellbeing Apps for the Manufacturing Industry

Wellness software equips companies with the tools to help support, organise, and manage wellness programs. These applications can help with employees’ mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

They work to improve wellbeing and reduce anxiety and stress – things that can negatively impact wellbeing. Good wellbeing is beneficial to both an employee and the employer. It typically means increased work productivity, an improved workplace environment, and reduced absenteeism.

Here are some of the best employee wellbeing apps for manufacturing companies:

1.     Headspace for Work

Quite a well-known wellness application is Headspace. And rightly so.

Headspace for Work focuses on mindfulness, meditation, and sleep to help companies build a more compassionate culture. It contains hundreds of guided meditations that are easy to follow.

Practicing mindfulness helps us to improve our ability to stay calm and think rationally, even when we’re overwhelmed.

2.     Spring

Through the Spring application, employees can fill out an assessment form for their mental wellbeing. It will assess the answers and recommend treatment – whether that’s counselling, medication, or mental coaching.

3.     Vera EHS

Focusing on physical wellbeing, Vera EHS ensures safety in manufacturing. From compliance checks and inspection tools to accident reporting and online training.

It is an all-in-one safety management software. To improve safety whilst aiming to reduce risks.

Wellbeing in Employees

Improving mental health can improve productivity by 10%. The same report found that companies with engaged employees outperform those with disengagement by 200%.

Higher engagement typically means reduced absenteeism and staff turnover. This is quite an important statistic considering absenteeism and staff turnover are common in manufacturing.

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