If you’re looking for ways to increase employee wellbeing, you’re already on the right track! Employee wellbeing is incredibly important and can benefit your company in many ways.

Coming up with fun ways to help your employees put their health and wellbeing first isn’t easy. Luckily for you, we’re experts in workplace wellness. We’ve outlined our top tips for using fun in the workplace to increase employee wellbeing.

Why Is Employee Wellbeing Important?


Shining the spotlight on employee wellbeing is sure to have a positive impact on your company. It’s quite simple really! Healthy, happy employees are more productive, more creative and are absent far less often. Actively putting your employee’s health and wellbeing first will work wonders for your business and your staff.

Studies show that business who focus on the wellbeing of their employees have noticed an increased sense of company loyalty and a boost in productivity. They have also noticed a decrease in staff-turnover and absences and increased client satisfaction.

If you can increase employee wellbeing in a fun way, that’s even better!

Set Up Volunteering Days To Increase Employee Wellbeing


Volunteering is good for the mind and body. It increases self-confidence and gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Arranging a volunteering day for your employees is a great way to boost morale, build a stronger team and lift the mood of each employee. Volunteering can combat the effects of stress and anxiety as well as keeping you physically active.

Organisations such as WellChild and Trees For Cities offer corporate volunteering days and programmes.

Increasing employee wellbeing by volunteering

Turn The Break Room Into A Fun Space


Many employees often feel that they are too busy to take their full break. Some even eat at their desk in an attempt to catch up on work.

However, taking a full break is essential as it allows your employees to relieve stress. Taking breaks also increases productivity and allows your employees to come back to work feeling refreshed. A great way to ensure employees take their full break is by making the break room fun and welcoming.

Perhaps add a snooker table or air hockey table to the break room. Or put a jukebox in there for employees to use on their breaks. Small changes like this will give employees a reason to stay in the break room and take their mind off work for a while.

Get Your Steps In During Meetings


Team meetings are often mundane and boring. But they don’t have to be. Increase employee wellbeing by taking walking meetings. Not only does it get your team onto their feet and provide a source of exercise, but it will also be beneficial to you.

Studies show that being outdoors and being active during meetings leads to an increase in creativity and ideas. So, your employees might just come up with some great ideas whilst keeping physically fit!

Arrange Fun Team Building Activities To Increase Employee Wellbeing


Team building activities are a great way to inject fun into the workplace. Team building has come a long way since the days of trust falls and obstacle courses. There’s now a range of fun and exciting activities that the whole team will enjoy.

Fun team building activities will improve communication between your employees, build on solid work friendships, and increase employee motivation.

Finding fun team building activities that the whole team will enjoy couldn’t be easier. Perhaps visit an Escape Room or sign the team up for a themed cooking class. Alternatively, head to the great outdoors and take the team kayaking or canoeing.

Start A Weekly Healthy Recipe Potluck Lunch


Get together a team of participating employees who enjoy cooking (or want to brush up on their cooking skills) and start a weekly, healthy potluck lunch.

Each week, one employee has to cook a healthy, party-sized meal for everyone to enjoy. As well as encouraging employees to eat healthier and try new foods, this is another way to inject fun into the workplace and encourage workplace friendships to flourish.

Increasing employee wellbeing with healthy lunch potluck

Sign The Team Up For A Charity Event


Charity events are a sure-fire way to get your employees active. They also encourage positive workplace relationships whilst raising money for a good cause!

Choosing a charity event that is based around an exercise such as the Race For Life or the Tough Mudder is a good idea as it encourages employees to get fit. You can also arrange team training sessions in the build-up to the event.

The charity event itself will be a really fun day for all involved. As well as keeping fit and giving something to charity, these types of events increase self-confidence and make people happier.

Introduce A Friday Afternoon Happy Hour


Work-life balance is a key factor in employee wellbeing. Treating your team to a Friday afternoon happy hour (perhaps at the local pub) will give your employees the opportunity to unwind and relax.

It will also allow employee friendships to blossom and will create a positive work environment. Also, giving your employees something to look forward to during the week will motivate them and provide an increased sense of loyalty to the company.

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