Providing employee rewards is not a new concept. It benefits your team and your business – there’s no doubt about it. But choosing the best employee rewards for your team can be tricky. In this blog, we share effective employee rewards ideas to help you show your appreciation!

The Benefits Of Employee Rewards

  • If your team know they will be praised and rewarded, they are likely to be more productive, motivated and engaged in the workplace.
  • Rewarding employees allows them to see that they are making a positive difference to the company. Don’t underestimate the power of job satisfaction!
  • Employee rewards are an important step towards a healthy, happy workplace. And a healthy, happy workplace retains its staff members and has fewer absences.
  • Aside from retaining existing staff members, having effective employee rewards will also aid recruitment when you are looking for the perfect candidate.
  • Rewarding your team can also improve morale and team culture, especially if you encourage your staff members to nominate each other.
  • Employee rewards can also give your team members a sense of belonging. With so many people working from home, helping your employees recognise that they are part of something great is crucial!

Top Employee Rewards Ideas

Put down the Amazon gift card. Don’t get me wrong, we all love shopping online. But when it comes to rewarding your team, you can do better than that! Here are some amazing employee rewards that will actually motivate your team:

Additional Annual Leave

If an employee has been working particularly hard lately, why not show your recognition by giving them an impromptu day or morning/afternoon off work! Think of it as gifting a Free Day Off Pass or a Duvet Day. It will give your employee a little time to themselves to do with as they please – surely that beats a gift voucher?

an impromptu day off is an effective employee reward

A Bucket List Experience

Shopping vouchers are great. But why give something materialistic when you can give something truly exhilarating. For the daredevils in your team, it could be a bungee jump, treetop experience, flying lesson or zombie experience.

For those who prefer to walk on the safer side of life, it could be a Whale watching experience, pamper day or cocktail masterclass. The possibilities are endless! Virgin Experience Days is a great website to source employee rewards for all ages and abilities.

Gym Membership

More people than ever are prioritising their health – and the health and fitness industry is well and truly booming. However, gym memberships can be pricey, particularly in cities.

So, why not gift an annual gym membership to your fitness-loving employees. Or offer to buy them a block of personal training sessions. Aside from rewarding your team, you will also be investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Corporate Wellness Solution

In keeping with the health and fitness theme, a corporate wellness solution, such as the Wellspace Wellness Solution, makes a fantastic company-wide employee reward.

It includes an app, which your employees can download and use to track their sleep, fitness, and mental health! It also provides useful articles, tips and guides on how your team can improve their health and wellbeing.

Better yet, the Wellspace Wellness Solution features an online portal so you, the employer, can track the health and wellbeing of your team. This allows you to better understand which of your team members may need support.

A corporate wellness solution will demonstrate your appreciation and show that you are interested in the wellbeing of your team. The Wellspace Solution has also been proven to reduce staff absenteeism, increase employee retention, improve workplace productivity, and contribute to the sustainable growth of positive workplace culture.

gym membership or corporate wellness solution is effective employee reward

A Team Lunch On The House

Getting the team together outside of the workplace can be tricky due to conflicting schedules and family commitments. But a team lunch (at a restaurant of their choice) is a simple way to treat your staff members, celebrate achievements and spend quality time outside of the office.

Treating your employees to a team lunch is also a great way to reward the whole team or a certain department rather than just one employee.

Event Tickets

With Coronavirus restrictions still firmly in place, most events aren’t going ahead as planned. But this won’t be the case forever! From concerts to sporting events, tickets to an upcoming event are a great employee reward. Plus, there’s something for everyone.

Socially distanced events, including Pop Up Festivals and Drive-In Cinemas, are currently taking place up and down the country.

Subscription Gift

These days, there are subscriptions for everything. Gin, plants, craft beers, makeup, flower bouquets, books, brownies, coffee, skincare…. the list is endless.

A subscription is a wonderful employee reward as it lasts for months. You can have beauty and skincare treats delivered to your employee’s door with GlossyBox, or treat your employee to monthly craft beers with BrewDog.

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