Ever since work has begun, managers, leaders or senior employees are expected to have conversations around performance and sickness. With the world developing and the workplace following suit, these employees are now expected to have conversations around wellbeing. But knowing the wellbeing questions to ask can be tricky.

The conversation surrounding mental wellbeing at work is heating up and rightly so more and more companies are recognising the value of improving their employees’ overall mental health.

Working for Wellspace, a business leader in workplace wellbeing, I couldn’t be happier about it. I and the team come to work every day with the mission of helping other businesses across all industries take better care of their bodies and minds, at work.

And this blog is going to help you start the conversation.

How Do You Have A Wellbeing Conversation?

Open the conversation with a nice and relaxed beginning to make your employee feel comfortable. Asking open questions like “How Are You?” then asking again, “But, How Are You Really?” will create a more honest answer.

Helping your employee find additional support and services can also be useful, as this step can seem overwhelming for someone with anxiety or depression.

Remind yourself that this is no different to talking about how someone’s feeling – the topic is just a bit more delicate. Remember you may be the only person to have noticed changes in their behaviour or have the courage to start a conversation. This may be pivotal in them getting the help and support that they need to get and stay well.

Mental Health Consultation. Two people sat across from each other, one is taking notes, and the other is talking.How To Ask Wellbeing Questions

Just as important as asking the right questions, is asking them the right way. Otherwise, these questions will be useless.

Here are 3 tips for asking the wellbeing questions in the right way:

Ask Sincerely

Ask the questions sincerely. You really want to know the answers. You’re not reading a form; you’re engaging with a person’s feelings.

Ask Humbly

You’re asking to learn. Be prepared for their honest answers. It’s a time to listen—openly and honestly. Be patient and hear your team members feelings.

Ask Frequently

I’m suggesting that you ask these wellbeing questions weekly/monthly. Totally transparent answers may not be forthcoming the first time you try. But as your team members are reminded of these questions, the more comfortable they may feel. Make these questions a regular part of your conversation.

The 5 Wellbeing Questions You Need To Ask Your Employees

  1. “What’s Going Well In Your Role? Any Wins This Week/Month?”

Everyone likes talking about their wins, so why not start with that?

Never miss an opportunity to let your employees celebrate and even brag a little about all the things that are going well in their role. As a bonus, you’ll get a better understanding of where their strengths lie so you can plan more opportunities to expand on them in the future.

  1. “What’s Your Biggest Challenge Right Now?”

Challenges are good things because they make us better. While this question may not have the same psychological uptick as the first one, it’s important to ask nonetheless.

The main reason you ask this question, Is to understand where your employees are struggling. But, more importantly, to be aware of the situation and if you can help.

  1. “How Fulfilled Are You In Your Role And Why?”

Positive psychology is clear. Employee satisfaction comes with success and accomplishment, not the other way round. When your employees are fulfilled, they will come up with better solutions and will help contribute to a culture of high performance and low turnover.

Continuously asking these wellbeing questions will help you understand their engagement levels and send the message that they’re valued beyond their performance.

  1. “What Resources Would Be Helpful To You Right Now?”

The word resource is key to this question. As it’s quite an open question it leaves the door open for the employee. Just be sure there’s a mutual understanding that you can’t deliver anything or everything they want.

The main thing to get out is this question, which is actionable information to help your employee grow and improve. The question gives them the feeling that you’re prepared to help them achieve it also.

  1. “Is There Anything I Can Help You With? Or Any Feedback?”

Asking for feedback is a surprisingly powerful approach to self-development, especially when you’re asking for it. It can even be considered as the last step. Regardless, requested feedback allows teams to demonstrate the care that everyone needs to feel engaged.

And, finally, provide an area where you forget about work and just have a normal conversation. Let them know you’re also human.

This is a broad wellbeing question, but will allow your employees to be open and honest about their feelings and overall wellbeing.

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