There are many ways that employers can incorporate a wellness program into their work and their employees’ lives. Whether it’s paramedical services or healthy snack options in the office, these suggestions for workplace wellness programs will empower your company culture and improve overall wellness.

Employee wellness programs are put in place by an employer to improve employee health and to help individual employees overcome health-related problems.

Wellness programs include employee training, staff seminars, or even work with a third-party provider offering a variety of wellness programs.

In this Wellspace blog, we’re going to discuss what should be included in a wellness program, the benefits of having one in place and how you can implement it within your company.

What Is A Wellness Program?

A wellness program is a program offered within your workplace to your employees intended to promote self-care, love and improvement. The program allows your employees to help prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing to improve and maintain health and fitness.

Wellness programs are provided to employees as a preventive measure to help avoid illness and the general health of the employees. This can be accomplished through education, communication, and a supportive work environment.

What Does A Wellness Program Include?

Employees are invaluable assets of any company and ensuring their excellent mental and physical health sets them up to perform well. The health and wellness of its employees usually have a direct effect on the productivity and profits of a company. Many employers understand this and are ready to spend money on such programs.

Wellspace have created a corporate health and wellbeing program that has been designed to able to be tailored to any business. The service has several offerings. You can select one, a few, or all of them to create a bespoke workplace wellbeing program for your business.

So how does it work, and how many options do you have to choose from? Well, 3 different options include and benefit your employees in multiple ways. These include:

The App

The Wellspace app has a gamification feel and design to make it more engaging and to feel like it isn’t a chore to record and track your activity. We only focus on the positives here at Wellspace, and that’s why our app is designed to reward you with a commitment to your mental and physical wellbeing.

The app tracks 3 metrics, sleep, activity, and mood. All your data is then accounted for on the leadership board, which rewards engagement and perseverance, rather than ability. We understand everyone is at different stages, so we don’t expect people to achieve what others do and that’s why we reward those who engage daily.

The Portal

The portal is tailored to everyone, it shows and highlights the results based on your employee’s data. It intelligently gathers all the data of your employees and formats it in an easy, simple way so you can digest it.

Being able to see the areas your employees need support is a valuable thing, it allows you to tailor and adapt whilst your employees reap the health benefits.

The Training

Our health and wellness experts have been making a difference in a wide variety of sectors for several years, and you could reap the rewards with our Wellbeing Training. Our training has 4 different levels varying in depth; Behaviour Change, Focus, Lunch Bites and Individual Wellness Coaching.

The Benefits Of A Wellness Programme

An employee wellness program is an important step in improving the health and productivity of employees and potentially improving the overall cost of employer-provided health care. Including a wellness program can benefit employers by:

  • Reduce costs concerning health and presenteeism
  • Reducing absences and sickness
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Retain your bright sparks
  • Reducing injuries
  • Improving employee morale and loyalty
  • Aiding recruitment

Because of the ever-increasing importance of employee health, employers should consider implementing a well-thought-out wellness program that benefits both the employee’s health and the employer’s bottom line.

There is a positive connection between employee wellness and the performance of a business. A good employee wellness program should cater to the employees’ emotional, physical, mental, and financial wellness. Generally, the benefits of implementing comprehensive employee wellness programs surpass the costs.

Employees who are healthy and happy usually have higher levels of productivity than those who are not. Wellness programs have unquestionable benefits – It’s a win-win situation.

Employees happy at work

Implement A Workplace Wellness Programme With Wellspace

Wellbeing Re-imagined.

Wellspace is on a mission to revolutionise workplace wellbeing. We want you and your employees working healthier and living happier. With our tailored programmes your company can achieve this.

We focus on several areas of overall health:

  • Sleep
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Lifestyle
  • Work-life
  • Resilience
  • Productivity

If you’d like to bring your best team to work daily, then contact one of our team. We’d love to meet you and understand your company’s corporate wellness goals for this year!

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