Companies are always looking for an advantage over their competitors. We say, look no further than your employees. They are the heart and soul of your business.

Businesses that are responding to their employees by relishing workplace apps for wellness are reaping the rewards. Companies who are interested in improving profitability and employee retention are focusing on workplace wellbeing – A workplace app to be specific.

But, why?

It is proven that improved health and wellness leads to increased productivity, better employee focus, and company health care savings.

Regardless of whether your company has a workplace app for wellness, you can still take steps toward healthier habits during your workday. And for today’s society, apps are a natural tool for getting there.

With more than 318,000 mobile health apps on the market, how do you choose which workplace app for wellness to use? Which apps are going to increase employee wellness and what do you need to look for in a workplace app?

What Is a Wellness Workplace App?

A workplace app for wellness is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an app designed for your wellness and wellbeing, specifically in the workplace. The workplace app allows you the employer to understand your employee’s health, wellbeing and overall mood and feelings they counter regularly.

These apps are deployed to make small adjustments to your employee’s daily habits, so they see improvements in their overall health and wellbeing. The motive for the employer should be to make sure they bring the best team to work every day.

A woman sat at her desk working from her laptop eating from a selection of fruit.What To Consider When Choosing A Wellness Workplace App

There are several things to consider when choosing a workplace app for wellness:

Do Some Research – The employer, HR professional, or whoever is choosing the app, should ask the app provider for “references from organisations with similar employee demographics (based on workers’ age, geographic location, gender, job type, etc.) to get a better idea of how likely the app is to resonate with employees.

Pick A Partner, Not Just An App – Consider how well the app provider will partner with a company. Those choosing an app should look at data security measures, the design and layout the developers have chosen, pricing, performance guarantee options, metrics that measure success, account management support and communication tools.

Keep The Users In Mind – Those using the app must be considered throughout the decision making process. Look at how individualised and personalised an experience the app offers and how it then supports users based on the findings of that personalised experience.

Added Value – Yes, the main thing to consider is the app itself, but does the company offer any other personalised experiences for your employees. Whether that be individual training sessions based around wellness or 1:1 coaching if one of your employees requires additional support.

What Are The Benefits Of A Wellness App?

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 61% of workers say their productivity is affected by their mental wellbeing issues, and 37% of workers say their workplace added to their wellbeing issues. Not only does stress affect your employees, but it can also affect the company.

Reports suggest that over 1 million people call out of work each day because of work-related stress. Absenteeism impacts productivity and costs employers money each year.

Encouraging the use of a workplace app for employees will not only benefit individuals’ wellbeing but will also benefit the whole team. It will allow HR professionals to see the bigger picture and help address the issues directly.

Wellspace: The Best Workplace App

A health and wellness app needs to have the needs of employees in mind. The Wellspace app was driven by the experiences of our founders through being in the position of the employee.

From working in the health and safety sector, they saw an outstanding gap and reactionary behaviour within the workplace. Wellbeing was being left behind.

They designed the workplace app to revolutionise the workplace. Employees are encouraged to participate to help create healthy habits to ultimately improve their overall wellbeing.

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