Promoting wellbeing in the workplace can have huge benefits on its employees and the company. Workplace wellbeing is the foundation of everything from productivity to health, profit and return on investment, and workshops can play a huge role in that.

Yes, it might seem far fetch, but hear us out…

Happy workers are 20% more productive, 34% less likely to leave their jobs and 37% less likely to take time off sick.


60 per cent of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental wellbeing.

In this blog, we’re going to highlight the importance of promoting wellbeing in the workplace, the benefits to your staff and the role of wellbeing workshops.

What Is A Wellbeing Workshop?

Wellbeing Workshops are designed to empower staff with insight and tools to make positive changes to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Whether your goal is to lower rates of absenteeism, reduce uses of health insurance or reduce smoking amongst your employees, educational training can help you achieve them.

Hosting wellness workshops allows you the opportunity to cover specific topics in greater detail with your employees. Once your employees have a greater understanding the initiative, work with them to create a strategy to action goals to maximise the workshop’s effectiveness.

The key to wellbeing workshops is reward, reward their engagement and activity to the initiative. Prioritising their mental wellbeing and rewarding them in the process should be fun, so creating friendly competition with other employees will add to the cause.

Why Is Wellbeing Important In The Workplace?

The idea behind health and wellbeing programs in the workplace is that the welfare of your staff is not simply an individual or personal matter for each employee, but rather something that a business can take a proactive step to promote.

Too many businesses make it the elephant in the room.

Not only is this an obligation imposed on an employer to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health of its workforce, but it is also an approach that can place your organisation in front of its competitors by being identified as an organisation with a commitment to support its staff. Although it’s a law, not every organisation has the approach of promoting wellbeing.

While health and wellbeing programs vary in their content and approach, a number of them are targeting at improving the following:

  • Mental health
  • Energy levels
  • Weight management
  • Blood pressure
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition

What Are The Benefits Of A Wellbeing Workshop?

Hosting a wellbeing workshop has multiple benefits for you the employer and most importantly, your employees.

Workshops shows your employees that you appreciate and care about their wellbeing. You will see an improvement in employee morale, which will subsequently lead to greater retention rates, less absenteeism, and an increase in productivity.

Employees that feel appreciated and respected are more loyal and willing to stick with their employers for the long haul.

A woman having a 1:1 wellbeing sessionWellbeing Training With Wellspace

The Wellspace employee health and wellbeing training has 4 levels, each varying in the level of depth but all with the same support. Each one explores your employees’ current attitudes, feelings and behavioural habits. From this we provide practical tips and advice moving forward.

Our health and wellbeing training:

  • Behaviour change – This wellbeing workshop gives your staff the tools needed to make long term, sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing. We explore the three pillars of health and how they connect with your wellbeing. The training comes in 3 sessions all ranging between 90-120 minutes and can hold up to 40 employees.
  • Focus – These sessions are more in depth, and focused. With a reduced number of staff attending we delve in to sleep, nutrition and stress management.
  • Lunch bites – These bites are short, sweet, and straight to the point. Maximising time during lunch hours we aim to cover the nitty gritty stuff that’s holding your employees back.
  • Individual wellness coaching – Our most targeted workshop. Individual wellness coaching is a 1:1 session that looks at the small details. We work toward sustainable change by aligning your goals and barriers to create a plan moving forward.

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Our health and wellbeing experts have been creating completely bespoke workshops and training sessions in a wide variety of industries for several years.

If you’d like to reap the rewards and prioritise your employee’s health and wellbeing, then get in touch and create your complete bespoke wellbeing package. Your business won’t ever look back!

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