if you are looking into a wellbeing solution for your employees, you might still be uncertain on exactly how your managers and decision-makers can ensure there is sufficient engagement with any new wellbeing initiative, or that your wellbeing programme is actually benefiting employees and improving their quality of life?

With the Wellspace Workplace Wellbeing App, you automatically receive access to the workplace wellbeing portal – our intelligent database features live health updates, engagement levels and allows you to interact with groups of employees based on their activities.

Why Monitor Initiative Engagement?

Introducing wellbeing initiatives (any scheme designed to boost employee wellbeing) is a great way to show staff you care about them, reduce absenteeism, retain staff, and genuinely improve people’s lives. It’s a great move on your behalf and employees will always benefit from meaningful initiatives but of course, introducing any type of employee benefit will cost money.

Like any other business spending decision, a wellbeing solution needs to provide good value for money. That’s why we’ve developed a management portal to work in conjunction with our Wellbeing App – it provides you with a clear view of how the app is working, how many of your staff are engaging with the programme and over time, how our solution has benefitted both your staff and business.

It’s simple really – anything that costs your business money needs to prove its worth.

Monitoring engagement with your wellbeing initiative gives you an instant indication of how well received the programme is and how valuable it is going to be in the long run.

How Does The Wellbeing Portal Work?

Once you have rolled our Wellbeing App out to your employees, you will be able to log into our online portal for management and decision-makers to view health trends from the entire workforce, team or site level, very clearly over time. Our easy to read dashboard will show areas of success and improvement and enable you to access further administration tools.

The portal allows you as an organisation to upload any content and resources direct to the application and into the hands of your teams wherever and whenever. Content can be targeted towards users based on their team or a group you may have included them in (e.g. – people who don’t sleep well), ensuring that employees are seeing content, advice and resources that are tailored to their health needs.

All the employee data being fed into the portal is in real-time and the reporting section allows you clear visibility of your teams mental and physical health and wellbeing over a specified period. For confidentiality reasons you can’t view an employee’s specific data (steps they’ve taken, for example) this will always be kept anonymous and presented to you, and users, as aggregated data. However, everyone is able to view each employees points collection – a great indication of how much they are engaging with the initiative and taking steps to reach their goals.

Wellspace data handlers also monitor your portal, allowing us to tailor our approach and tackle the specific areas of need for your employees. This is where our solution really starts to make a difference with our ‘red flag’ system.

Portal Red Flag System

The Wellspace “Red Flag System” automatically triggers an alert to Wellspace data handlers if two days of consistent below-average or not great data is identified from an individual, this then allows the Wellspace data handlers access to the individuals’ data for up to the last 90 days to analyse any trends and act accordingly. We have exclusive access to this information and can’t pass personal data over to you or any other third party.

Following a “Red Flag System” trigger and data analysis, Wellspace will reach out to the individual via the app and offer support – the employee must approve and confirm the support for us to proceed any further.

Alternatively, you can refer users to us who you feel need support and arrange a call or face to face session with one of our qualified professionals for an additional fee. Prior to the session and if present, our data handlers will analyse the individual’s data to identify any trends.

This unique system enables us to provide excellent support to your employees in a private way, so employees will never feel as though you are privy to sensitive information about them.

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We hope this brief post helps further explain how easy it is for you to assess just how well your wellbeing solution is working and the return on investment it can potentially provide for your business.

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