A corporate wellbeing programme puts the wellbeing of staff first in a company, but why is this important? This blog aims to delve deeper into why employee health matters and how a corporate wellbeing programme can make a positive impact on a company.

Corporate Wellbeing Programme

Firstly let’s take a look at what a corporate wellbeing programme is. A corporate wellbeing programme is part of a company that adopts techniques in order to enhance the health and wellbeing of employees.

Since the pandemic, we have seen more and more companies investing time and money into bettering corporate wellbeing programmes within their workplace.

Understanding more about the importance of sleep, physical activity, mental health and team morale in a workplace has meant that companies can now take a proactive step towards improving employee wellbeing, backed by specialist knowledge and expertise.

Corporate wellbeing should be at the heart of any business that aims to sustain a healthy working environment, having a direct impact on employees, employers and even customers.

A corporate wellbeing programme is something that has become increasingly popular parallel to the rise of remote working. Understanding and acknowledging one’s wellbeing when employees work from home, granted, is tougher, and so implementing a structured corporate wellbeing programme in a workplace allows employers and leaders to take a holistic approach to wellbeing, despite workers not being in the office physically.

Corporations are acknowledging that due to employees spending approx 40 hours a week at work, they have a responsibility to maintain good wellbeing. It is because of this that we are seeing a rise in investments in corporate wellbeing programmes, however, there is no doubt still work that needs to be done in this field.

Investing in a corporate wellbeing programme can bring an abundance of benefits, both short-term and long-term, to the company, including increased productivity amongst staff and boosted staff retention.

Title graphic for Wellspace blog corporate wellbeing programmeCorporate Wellbeing App

Corporate wellbeing programmes present themselves in a number of ways, most popularly at the minute, is an app.

There are a variety of wellbeing apps on the market that can be used to implement a culture of corporate wellbeing in a workplace. However, now might be a good time to discuss the Wellspace Application!

The Wellspace App is inviting, intuitive and easy to navigate and features gamification aspects designed to increase engagement.

We believe that corporate wellbeing isn’t about finding an end goal but instead monitoring and encouraging progress and commitment to improving health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We have amalgamated the key factors of employee wellbeing and created an app and portal in which employees can track their habits, employers can monitor changes and the workforce can have access to quality content working towards an improved state of wellness. 

The app allows for the responsibility of corporate wellbeing to be shared across the workforce which further contributes to the idea of a holistic approach.

Benefits Of A Corporate Wellbeing Programme

So we know what it means, we know how it works but why is it important? Employee health matters for a number of reasons, the first and most important benefit of prioritising employee health and wellbeing is to improve their quality of life and offer employees support to better themselves both at work and outside of the office.

A corporate wellbeing programme strives towards creating happier and therefore more productive employees which will result in fewer absences. A win-win!

Having data to monitor and work on allows for a more thorough approach to corporate wellbeing, which is where a structured programme, in whatever format, is useful.

Healthy staff are the productive staff – whether they need to improve their exercise and better themselves physically or nurture their mental health and improve cognitive functions, a corporate wellbeing programme allows employees to reflect on and improve elements of their wellbeing that are perhaps falling behind.

A productive and motivated workforce means solving problems and generating ideas at work is made easier.

If your staff are stressed, burnt out or unhappy at work, the likelihood is, that they will leave. Nurturing wellness at work and investing in a programme that aids corporate wellbeing means that staff will feel supported and valued, leading to increased satisfaction and staff retention.

Employee absence is a huge cost for many organisations around the UK, with a significant percentage of absences being a result of work-related stress. Not only stress-related absences can be avoided by implementing a corporate wellbeing approach. Encouraging employees to sleep more, eat better and exercise all strive towards creating a healthy workforce and few absences.

Most importantly for us, a key benefit of a corporate wellbeing programme is the culture it creates within a company. Encouraging communication and a culture of openness within a business attracts new employees and makes existing ones feel valued.

Why Employee Health Matters 

It really is simple, for a company to succeed, it needs motivated, productive and healthy staff! Employee health is a huge factor in the success of a business and something that we should collectively strive to consistently improve within our workplaces.

The benefits of implementing a corporate wellbeing programme are the same benefits of prioritising employee health – as that’s what a corporate wellbeing programme aims to do!

Employee health matters not only for the good of employees but for the good of the business and the image of wellbeing it sets to portray.

Sure, success to many people can bring happiness but we often miss out that this relationship is reciprocal and in fact, happiness can bring an abundance of success, especially when put in the context of a workplace.

Implementing a corporate wellbeing programme is prioritising employee health which matters significantly for the success of a company.

happy and healthy employeesHow To Encourage Employee Health

Not only implementing a corporate wellbeing programme but there are also a number of other ways in which you can promote employee health at work.

  • Encourage healthier eating habits
  • Encourage exercise 
  • Take time to focus on mental health and wellbeing support strategies
  • Get them away from their desk!

Making an effort to create a culture where workout classes happen during the lunch break, meetings are held outside, and earlier finishes on a Friday (to name a few ideas) has a significant effect on employee health.

Once employees see that you value their health, they will in turn make steps to improve it themselves, guided by a corporate wellbeing programme such as the Wellspace application!

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