Employee burnout is one of the key reasons that companies experience a lack of productivity, high staff turnover and regular absences. But how do you as employers avoid this? This blog aims to give you the top tips on how to beat employee burnout with a workplace wellbeing app.

A workplace wellbeing app hosts a variety of benefits for employers, employees and the business as a whole.

The list goes on.

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But how exactly can a workplace wellbeing app beat employee burnout?

woman looking stressed for blog by Wellspace on knowing when workplace stress is too muchBeating Employee Burnout

“Workplace burnout is commonly defined as extreme physical and emotional exhaustion that results in a lack of professional efficacy, increased cynicism, lack of engagement and depleted energy.”

By achieving a culture of employee wellbeing, you are then ditching a culture that contributes to employee burnout in many ways. Employee wellbeing results in better mental and physical health, productivity, enthusiasm towards work and increased engagement, all the boxes that aren’t ticked when an employee is experiencing burnout.

Sure, stress is often a factor of professional life, but enough stress to cause burnout can have detrimental effects on employees and in turn, the company as a whole.

So how do we solve this?

There are a number of ways in which we can beat employee burnout.

Prioritising Self-Care

Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is step one of counteracting burnout. Burnout often results in a lack of physical and emotional energy and it is important to replenish that in order to regain focus and motivation at work.

Encouraging employees to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep thus encourages them to prioritise self-care.

So how can a workplace wellbeing app enable this? With a wellbeing app like Wellspace, we allow employers and employees to log and monitor their sleep patterns, physical exercise and mental health. This way they can recognise patterns in order to prevent or improve burnout.

Shift Perspective

This, we acknowledge, is much easier said than done, when experiencing burnout and still being faced with a heavy workload or conflicts at work it can really difficult to shift perspective.

But looking at ways in which you could shift your work-life balance to ease symptoms of burnout is essential and for an employer, crucial to welcome. 

With a workplace wellness app, employers can monitor employees’ work balance and find ways in which to make it easier for them, whether it be delegating or offering them extra resources.

Having access to a portal in which employers and employees can access information regarding work makes it much easier for employees experiencing burnout to shift their perspective and focus on what is critically important to them, avoiding them being overwhelmed.

Gain Connections

A key thing that a workplace wellbeing app can offer to those employees experiencing burnout is connections. Having access to your colleagues and also other professionals in other fields can be vital for replenishing your wellbeing, especially when remote working.

A key feature of the Wellspace application is the content hub. The content hub provides employees with expert knowledge on physical and mental health, sleep, financial wellbeing tips and social support. Having access to things like this is a brilliant way for employees to feel connected and prioritised, thus beating employee burnout.

happy and healthy employeesWonders Of A Workplace Wellbeing App

There is an abundance of benefits that a workplace wellness app can offer, specifically for those employees who are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

It’s no secret that workplace wellbeing apps work and that it should be a priority on employers’ or HR managers’ agendas to introduce one, but the significant impact it can have on burnout symptoms is huge.

Beating burnout is about increasing the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, and making sure employees feel valued and supported. This can be directly achieved by a workplace wellbeing app and has made a huge impact in the world of work and its relationship to wellness already.

Having a workplace wellness app as part of your workplace structure can result in a decreased amount of employees experiencing burnout, which not only does good for employees but also for employers and the business as a whole.

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