At Wellspace, we run a succession of dedicated training courses to assist businesses who are serious about their employee’s health, with the first one being designed to deliver all you need to know about increasing energy levels through sleep and nutrition training.


Have you ever asked yourself, how healthy is your workforce? If you are a Production Manager or a HR Manager for example, this should be a factor you think about when it comes to increased productivity, reducing absenteeism and overall employee wellbeing.


Wellspace run an Energy Workshop, which focuses on how to help your employees boost their stamina and energy levels so they are productive, happy, and healthy. The workshop focuses on understanding how to increase the quality of their sleep and how food affects their energy levels.


It makes good business sense to acknowledge that the health of your employees has a particularly influential role on how efficient your business runs on a day to day basis, and in this, the first of a three-part series on The Three Pillars of Health, we are going to examine how receiving the right nutrition and having a healthy diet throughout the day can have a huge impact of health and wellbeing.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Balanced Diet?


The benefits of a healthy, balanced diet are far and wide reaching. The World Health Organisation, (WHO), advocate that “Opting for a balanced, adequate and varied diet is an important step towards a happy and healthy lifestyle”. Whilst the NHS advise that a ‘well-balanced diet [can provide] all the energy you need to keep active throughout the day’.

image of healthy breakfast at work for blog on nutrition training from WellspaceIn addition, doctors and academics from the medical profession have long established how having a healthy, well balanced diet can help to reduce heart disease, prevent certain types of diabetes, keep bones and teeth strong, support a healthy immune system, and help maintain an improved sleep pattern.


Furthermore, by encouraging a balanced diet, this can help to reduce the risk of cancer, promote a better mood, improve memory and, reduce employee absenteeism.


Proper nourishment can also improve sleep patterns and quality. Too much sugar, salt, caffeine, or alcohol can all reduce the quality of sleep. And we all know how hard it is to get through a day when we haven’t slept the night before.

Tailored Nutrition Training


Its not all that easy to stick to a healthy diet , whilst ensuring you receive the right nourishment to keep your energy levels steady and maintain your focus.


People often complain they don’t have enough time to eat healthily, that it costs too much, or that they just don’t like healthy food. Or, sometimes, people are unsure about what is healthy, thanks to misleading food packaging.


‘I can’t just eat leaves’ is something we often hear, and of course these people are right, we are not rabbits. We are human beings with a highly developed operating system that needs a balanced, nutritional diet to function at our optimum levels on a daily basis!


This is why we offer our nutrition training to businesses for their employees. Not only does this training advocate the benefits of a good diet and how to maintain it during our busy lifestyles, it also boosts staff morale as they see the investment companies are making in ensuring their employees stay healthy!


It is true to say that we are what we eat; and a balanced diet includes a wide variety of food stuffs from the four main categories, (plus oils and spreads), as listed in the Eatwell Guide.

healthy breakfast with fruit for blog on nutrition training by WellspaceThat said, we are well aware that each of us has personal preferences, and food tolerances can vary massively. During our energy and nutrition training we advise how to work with these preferences, and manage any intolerances, in order to ensure as individuals, we are getting the right amount of nutrition for optimum health and wellbeing.


You wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in to your car and expect it to work, and this ethos is exactly the same with the human body.


In addition to the food we eat, one of the biggest elements of maintaining good health is to ensure we remain hydrated. Of course drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to do this, but milk, sugar free drinks and herbal and fruit teas are also beneficial. Even regular tea and coffee count, but of course, too much caffeine can have an adverse effect, and the reasons for this is something we also examine on our nutrition training.


How can Employers Help Employees Maintain a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet?


There are lots of simple, yet effective ways in which employers can help their employees.


If you are lucky enough to have a canteen, ensuring daily healthy options are available plays a considerable part in supporting your employees maintain a well-balanced diet.


In addition, any vending machines that are on the premises need to offer low fat snacks as well as the usual sugary treats. Nobody is saying the sugar police are going to patrol the building, but employees should have alternatives available, and be able to make informed choices based on the information they are given.


One of the biggest ways an employer can support their employees is by making sure free drinking water is easily accessible. This can help reduce tiredness throughout the day by flushing out the toxins we build up on a daily basis.


healthy breakfast of grains and coffee for blog on nutrition training from wellspace

Finally, by committing to our energy and nutrition training, as an employer, you will be offering your workforce the expert knowledge and education they will benefit from on a long-term basis.


This will help to promote a healthier workforce, a more productive environment and reduced absenteeism, so the benefits are most definitely reciprocal!

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