The warm, long summer days seem to be in our distant memory. It is no surprise the winter months come upon us the morale and productivity have taken a hit in the team. The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified these feelings – you as the manager or business owner need to shake it up a little – winter activities.

So, winter team building activities can offer employees the chance to get away from their workstations and re-energise during a time of year that causes a lot of people to feel burnt out.

Whether you’re looking for social work team building activities, or it’s coming up to Christmas and you are planning your annual party, thinking of work social event ideas can be challenging. You must find something that the whole team will enjoy, and this can be stressful.

Luckily for you, you’re reading this blog. We have put together a list of fun winter activities to treat your staff for the work they have done this year’s whilst giving them that additional boost for the dull winter days.

The Benefits Of Winter Activities On Your Staff?

  • Mental Health: A communal activity focused on connection and having fun can be a huge boost to employee confidence and self-esteem.
  • Physical Health: Taking part in an activity of any kind can benefit physical health in much the same way as exercise.
  • Boost Morale: A workforce that feels valued will circulate that feeling throughout the office or virtual workspace, creating a positive environment.
  • Leadership / Creative Development: While taking part in team-based winter group games, employees will hone their leadership / creative skills through effective communication and solution-finding.

Winter Activities For You And Your Employees

Escape Rooms

A phenomenon that has only been around for the past few years but escape rooms have leapt into the team-building forecast due to its creativity and mind-boggling riddles. Probably one of the best work social event ideas in our opinion, solely due to the variations available.

Escape Reality is the leader in organising corporate escape events and they have multiple locations around the whole of the UK. The aim of the game is to escape a themed room by solving riddles and challenges within a set time. You must work together as a team and this social work event idea encourages creative thinking, co-worker relationships and time management.

Cocktail Making Classes

Everybody loves a drink, right?

Summer might be the time to enjoy the great outdoors, but there’s plenty of cosy places to hide from the winter weather. Why not get your team together and try your hand at cocktail making? If you’re feeling competitive you can get groups to judge each other’s creations, with prizes available for the best ones – maybe a day or afternoon off work?

Other winter activities include gin or whisky tasting evenings, these can be perfect as a pre-Christmas party activity.


Often a favourite among team members, this thrill-seeking activity will add a hint of competition to the day. Gear up and get the adrenaline pumping with an ultimate go-kart race.

This is a great team-building day out and is relatively easy to plan. With a variety of go-kart courses around the UK, this fun event is readily available to anyone and everyone – just make sure your employees pay attention to the safety lecture beforehand!

You can also turn this into an all-day event by going for a bite to eat.

Go Karting

Hold An Office Cake Day

I know it’s not directly an activity that isn’t office-based, but this is one we would recommend for a Friday.

Hold a day where your employees bring in or bake/make their best desserts. Who doesn’t love chocolate? You could even raise money for charity at the same time. Because desserts are the favourite comfort food for many people, a chocolate dessert competition will definitely increase office morale.

As people sample each dessert, let them vote with anonymous ballots for the dessert they like the best. You can also invite senior managers to judge and award an overall prize.

For a fun twist, set out donation jars next to each dessert. Let employees vote for their favourite desserts by putting coins into the jars of their top picks. The employee whose dessert earns the most money gets all the cash from the competition to give to a charity of his or her choice.

It’s a win, win for all parties.

Boosting Morale and Productivity With Wellspace

We have mentioned fun winter activities, mainly outside of the office, that indirectly helps your employees wellbeing. Here at Wellspace, we directly want to help your company by providing you with wellbeing training for your employees and a wellbeing app that helps them track and monitor their wellbeing.

We want and are revolutionising the workplace by prioritising health and wellbeing.

Why not contact us today to see how to keep employees at work. Or email We will be happy to help you! Alternatively, for tips, advice or other employee-related information, visit our news page.

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