Both health companies and other employers have a driving force in lowering health care costs for the public and employees, respectively. With that being said, more and more businesses are looking at wellbeing apps to lower health care costs and create a ROI for the business itself. But what is the ROI of a wellbeing app?

Life has drastically changed, and the normal isn’t so normal anymore. We are thinking and worrying about different obstacles and how to overcome them. There hasn’t been a more perfect time for employers and employees to focus on their wellbeing.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, eat healthier, do more exercise or give something up, well-being apps can be a great tool for helping you achieve your goals.

In this Wellspace blog, we are going to focus on the ROI of wellbeing apps would be a good investment for your business and the benefits it’ll have on your employees.

What Are Wellness Apps?

A wellness app is exactly what you think it is. It’s an app designed for your health, wellness, and wellbeing.

The app allows you to understand your health, wellbeing and overall mood and feelings as they encounter. Wellness apps are designed for you to make small adjustments to your daily habits, so you see improvements in your overall health and wellbeing.

The Benefits Of Using Wellbeing Apps In The Workplace

Businesses that relish change and adapt to the circumstances like wellbeing apps are the ones who reap the rewards both internally and externally. Embracing wellbeing as a full-time strategy, with a purpose, a framework, communicated in a tailored way and led from the top, that will reap the rewards in terms of usage, value and creating a culture that engages and excites.

That, in turn, over time, translates into happier, more productive employees, with an open, transparent culture that creates sustainability no matter your situation.

Having the best reputation. What more do you want than externally, people or potential future employees, knowing your business from the top have a reputation of being excellent, caring employers that really care about its employees rather than just squeezing work out of you?

This allows you to attract the best talent to your company. We all know which direction your business goes if you have the best people working for you.

Employees gathered around a workspace with Macs and laptops working collectively

While ROI refers to the financial value produced from your initial investment – such as reducing absence cost or medical claims – organisations can also consider value on investment. This is not immediately visible in the form of a financial gain, but can be shown through your employees improved productivity, engagement, job satisfaction and retention – all of which provide a great deal of value to businesses.

The benefits of using wellbeing apps will be seen in your employees over a period. It isn’t a quick fix. Keep that in mind when and if you invest in wellbeing.

Wellspace: See A ROI With Our Wellbeing App

Here at Wellspace, we’re revolutionising the workplace with our wellbeing app. Our app is designed to data management and track your employee’s engagement and progress.

Within our app, we have a dedicated portal. The Wellspace portal shows you the percentage of colleagues engaging with the employee wellbeing app, allowing you to really see the benefits for ROI on your employees.

When it comes to health, we believe effort should be rewarded, not an achievement. Meaning that you can use the portal to reward employees for their efforts to improve their health and wellbeing daily.

The Wellspace portal also allows you to tailor your activities based on your staffs’ needs. It intelligently gathers the data your teams generate on the employee wellbeing app and displays it via an easy to digest interface.

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