By mood tacking, your employees and organisations can eliminate stress triggers and improve employee health and wellbeing. And this can result in reaffirmed growth for the individual and the organisation.

We know that you want to see better results being a manager or the owner of a company but prioritising the health and wellbeing of your employee should be your number one focus, everything else will benefit because of this.

In this blog, we are going to look at mood tracking: can it benefit your employees? Can a negative mood affect your employee’s performance? And how can I help to improve my employee’s wellbeing?

Does Your Employees Mood Affect Their Work?

We all know it feels better to go to work when you’re in a good mood. But your mood can make a bigger difference to your work-life – your productivity and effectiveness can both be improved by improving your mood and wellbeing.

One study found that a bad mood made employees performance, decision making, creativity, presenteeism, teamwork and interpersonal skills all hinder and worse in comparison to those in a good mood.

The study also found no matter what happened at work that day, their mood stayed the same throughout. This means starting the day in a good mood is paramount for doing your best work.

Three colleagues at work all smiling at each otherThe Benefits Of Tracking Your Mood

The wellbeing application encourages users to record their moods and attribute triggers for those feelings. This helps your employees to identify patterns of emotions and stressors and take proactive steps towards improving their mental wellbeing.

Being aware of their individual stressors or mood boosters will benefit your team in a variety of different ways, these include mental resilience, improving their overall health, productivity, creativity, and teamwork.

Here are 4 ways that mood tracking can help your employees know how they’re feeling can help you:

Creating A Space To Feel

It can become too easy to get caught up in your to-do list and responsibilities that you can go all day without thinking or focusing on how you’re feeling. While we work we often lose focus on our feelings, yet they dictate how we act and what we say so it’s important to tune in to our mood.

Acknowledging our mood and tracking it throughout the day will allow us to act appropriately to attend to our feelings.

Gain An Insight

When you start tracking and noting down your mood, you’ll gain an understanding of what’s needed to best take care of yourself. You’re taking charge of your emotions rather than allowing them to run free in ways that will negatively affect your wellbeing.

The Wellspace App is developed to individualise each one of your employees, their mood tracking section will then determine the support and activities designed for them.

Recognise Patterns And Triggers

Your feelings or stressor are determined by the internal or external environment. These could include:

  • The amount of sleep you had last night
  • The weather
  • Your relationships
  • The food you eat
  • How much do you exercise
  • Your physical environment
  • Interactions you have with others
  • Your health
  • Your hormones

Reflecting on your feelings will help you to understand if there is something specific that is contributing to your mood. You may be able to make a few simple changes in your life to do more of what helps you feel good and less of what’s causing extra stress or difficult feelings.

Communicate Clearly And Get The Support

Communication is key to getting everything or something so little off your chest. If you feel a lot of joy when you’re with someone, you may want to express your opinion, gratitude or create opportunities to spend more time together. On the other hand, if someone is taking advantage of you or you don’t feel comfortable around them you may want to create boundaries with them and take a step back.

If you’re struggling to manage your emotions or feeling stuck in despair or anger, you may want to seek out the help of a therapist, doctor, counsellor or wellbeing coach. Tracking your mood will be an invaluable resource to share with your mental health provider so that they can more easily assess what’s going on for you and help you.

What Impact Will Mood Tracking Have On Your Business?

The benefits of mood tracking are unquestionable.

Analysis by the World Economic Forum enlightens a direct correlation between your employees’ happiness levels and the company’s performance. Statistics like turnover, profitability, productivity, and customer loyalty are all positively impacted by an improvement in employee wellbeing, including mood.

Tracking Your Mood With Wellspace

Wellspace workplace wellness programme is a fantastic way of boosting staff morale, retaining your brightest sparks, and demonstrating you value them. The wellbeing app lets you drive your wellbeing programme through data. The training embeds good habits to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Contact us for more information or call us on 0808 178 0748 where one of our expert team will be delighted to chat with you.

We can offer specialist advice on how our wellbeing app will support your business, and our team of experts will help you in choosing the right package for your organisation.

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