Part Two of the workplace wellness ultimate guide explores exactly how to achieve it. The Wellspace application and portal lend themselves to achieving a culture of well-being amongst employers and employees.

Part One of the guide dived into what workplace wellness is and why it is so important. You can find it, here.

Part Two Of Wellness At Work

This part of the guide is going to break down how we can achieve workplace wellness and go on to unwrap the Wellspace application and its benefits.

Every workplace, no matter how big or small would benefit from a culture of well-being – so this workplace wellness guide allows you to implement it!

How To Achieve Workplace Wellness

To start, it’s important to mention that when aiming for workplace wellness, employers should establish a holistic framework to support employees. Sure, well-being varies from one person to the next, but average wellness within the workplace is easy to monitor and maintain.

Putting into place systems that individuals can track all elements of their overall wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and financial health is important when wanting to achieve ultimate wellness at work.

As explored in the first part of the workplace wellness ultimate guide, several employers feel as though workplace wellness is not something they should be responsible for, perhaps because they don’t know how to position it in their agenda.

It is a shared responsibility between employers and employees to maintain a culture of workplace wellness, in order to reap the benefits explored in part one of the guide.

There are several ways in which you can achieve workplace wellness. Encouragement from employers to connect and engage with the wellness systems in place is where you need to start.

To achieve workplace wellness, employees should be focusing on specific elements of their well-being to increase productivity and focus at work.


The benefits of sleep tracking are that it allows individuals to gain insight into their overall health. Adults require 7-9 hours of sleep a night, around that bracket could result in fatigue, loss of concentration and focus and decreased productivity during the day, all of which have a negative impact on workplace wellness.

Sleep has a reciprocal relationship with our mental and physical health. The better our sleep pattern, the better our health and vice versa.

The sleep tracker on the Wellspace application allows users to record sleep quality and duration. This way, they can monitor patterns and changes and make the necessary improvements which in turn will have a positive impact on the well-being at work.

Physical Activity

Exercise hosts many benefits to one’s physical and mental health. An increase in endorphins (a result of exercise) sees a decrease in stress. Again, there is a direct relationship between physical activity and wellbeing.

The Wellspace app allows users to track their physical activity; exercises, steps, calories etc. Allowing employees to monitor their physical activity is a beneficial way of engaging them with exercise and encouraging them to improve their wellbeing.

Mental Health

Many get the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘wellbeing’ mixed up. Well-being encompasses mental wellness along with many other factors. Mental health is a hot topic since the pandemic and it is the responsibility of both employees and employers to nurture the mental health of those in the workplace.

Mental illness usually presents itself in ways that have a huge negative impact on a workplace; low productivity, absence and not responding to social engagements well.

The mental health tracker at Wellspace encourages employees to record their moods and feelings in order to monitor stressors and triggers for decreased mental health. Nurturing mental health in the workplace is a proactive step to achieving workplace wellness.


As we touched on earlier in this blog, workplace wellness should be targeted with a holistic approach. This is why establishing a sense of community within a workplace is a beneficial way of achieving workplace wellness. Employees and employers share the responsibility for workplace wellness.

Team challenges are a specific feature of the Wellspace application that engages employees in that all-important community element. Encouragement and healthy competition between employees is a great way of initiating community and achieving workplace wellness.

There are a number of different ways in which we can achieve workplace wellness. This guide has evaluated the key elements of well-being and how we can achieve workplace wellness by monitoring and protecting them.

There are a number of apps and resources that engage employers and employees with workplace wellness.


Wellspace offers a variety of elements that all aim toward achieving workplace wellness for your business.

The application, portal and tailored training programmes are available to engage employers with workplace wellness.

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