Having games consoles in workplace break rooms is not a new concept. But with so much focus being placed on workplace wellness and employee wellbeing, people are now wondering if game consoles are the best idea within the workplace.

And the answer is yes. And no. To be honest, it completely depends on the type of workplace. Some workplaces may benefit from games consoles more than others.


How Can Games Consoles Benefit Workplace Wellness?


In some workplaces, games consoles can have a number of benefits for employees and can increase overall workplace wellness.

Games Consoles Encourage Employees To Take A Break


The main benefit of having a games console in the workplace is, it will encourage employees to leave their desk and actually take a proper break. Studies have shown that many people work through their breaks in an effort to catch up on missed work or to get ahead.

Unfortunately, missing breaks will have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of your employers. To increase workplace wellness, all employees should be encouraged to take their full lunch break away from their area of work. Taking a proper break has an array of benefits. It will relieve stress, increase productivity and boost employee motivation.

Having a games console in the break room may persuade employees to leave their desk or work area and spend some time taking a proper break.

If you have a business which requires employees to spend a lot of time on their feet, such as a factory, a games console in the break room will give them somewhere comfortable to sit down and rest.

Games consoles can be used to improve workplace wellness depending on the type of workplace

Games Consoles Nurture Friendships Within The Workplace


Having a games console in the workplace is a great way to encourage employees to build strong connections with each other. Enabling employees to enjoy their breaks together will boost morale within the workplace and create a sense of workplace culture.

Employees will feel happier coming to work if they have friends within the workplace. Encouraging your employees to have positive relationships will also help with teamwork within the workplace. Your employees will give 110% to team projects and will be comfortable working alongside their colleagues.

Games Consoles Can Stimulate Employee Creativity


Gaming has long been tied to creativity. Studies have demonstrated that children and adults who regularly play video games are more creative in tasks such as painting and writing. Using a games console stimulates the imagination. This means that having a games console in the workplace might just increase creativity amongst your employees!


What Are The Disadvantages Of Having Games Consoles In The Workplace?


Although games consoles can benefit some businesses and boost workplace wellness, they can also have disadvantages. Games consoles have fewer advantages for office-based businesses.

If your business is office-based, your employees will already spend most of their day looking at a computer screen. Screen breaks are recommended at least twice a day. However, having a games console in the break room can lead to additional screen time even when employees are supposed to be taking a break from their screen.

Also, if your employees are sat at their desk all day, the last thing they should be doing during their break is sitting. To improve employee wellbeing and workplace wellness, your employees should be encouraged to exercise during their breaks. This could be something as simple as going for a walk around the block.

Another disadvantage of games consoles in the workplace is, they deter employees from going outside. An outdoor break has many benefits. It helps to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It also improves concentration and it improves your mood. To improve workplace wellness, your employees should be aiming to spend their breaks outdoors rather than sat indoor playing on a games console.


Break Room Ideas To Improve Workplace Wellness


Although games consoles have their advantages for some workplaces, there are other break room ideas which are far better for improving employee wellbeing and boosting workplace wellness.

  • Books – You can’t beat a good book. Reading is the perfect way to unwind and relax. Having a well-stocked bookshelf in the break room may encourage employees to read and relax during their break.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles And Board Games – As well as engaging the mind, jigsaw puzzles and board games make a great team activity.
  • Pool Table – It has been done in the past and is possibly quite cliché but having a pool table (or foosball table) is a great idea. Particularly if your employees spend most of their time sitting down. Having a pool gives them an opportunity to get on their feet and have fun!
  • Outdoor Table Tennis – Boost employee morale, nurture workplace friendships and encourage employees to spend their break outside with a table tennis table.
  • Quiet Area- If the day is proving to be a stressful one, some of your employees will appreciate having somewhere quiet to escape to during their lunch break.
  • Outdoor Basketball Hoops – It’s encouraging your employees to get outside in the fresh AND exercise…it’s a win-win!

Other break room ideas such as table tennis can improve workplace wellness

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