We all know how important exercise is to our health and wellbeing. Your employees should be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. However, many people don’t exercise as often as they should as they struggle to find the time. But choosing not to exercise can put the health of your employees at risk. To improve the health and wellbeing of your employees and create a happy workplace, it could be beneficial to introduce exercise in the workplace.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercise In The Workplace?


Exercise in the workplace will have an array of benefits on your employees and overall workplace wellness. As well as improving employee health by promoting heart health and reducing blood pressure; exercise will also encourage employees to build friendships.

Exercising together gives your employees the chance to connect and bond in a new environment that is different to the workplace. Exercise in the workplace will benefit the mental health of your employees as well as physical health.

Studies show that regular exercise relieves stress, increases productivity and boosts your mood. By introducing exercise in the workplace, you are boosting employee morale and making the workplace a happier, healthier place to be.

Putting the health of your employees first will demonstrate that you are a business that cares about its staff. This will lead to employee loyalty and reduces staff turnover.

Introduce Exercise In The Workplace With Exercise Classes


A great way to encourage employees to exercise is by providing free exercise classes after work. Perhaps hire a trainer or begin a partnership with a nearby gym and offer your employees one or two free exercise classes each week.

Employees are more likely to attend an exercise class if their friend and/or colleague is attending. By offering nearby after-work exercise classes, employees have the opportunity to relieve stress before going home. They will also appreciate not having a long commute to a gym.

Exercise classes can be costly, and many gyms don’t let you attend them unless you are a member. Your employees will appreciate having the opportunity to exercise without having an additional monthly payment.

An exercise class is a great way to intorduce exercise to the workplace


Or Introduce A Cycle Or Walk To Work Scheme


Cycle to work schemes are becoming increasingly common. Partly because cycling has rapidly become a very popular hobby for people across the UK. But also, because they are relatively easy to implement and are thoroughly appreciated by employees.

Everyone has to commute to work. For some people, the commute to and from work takes a big chunk out of their day. So, it makes perfect sense to use that time to exercise.

If you’d like to introduce a cycle-to-work scheme, you must ensure that your workplace has somewhere safe to store bicycles, such as a bike rack with locks. You should also have a shower installed in the workplace so that employees can freshen up after their bike ride. You should also offer perks such as gift vouchers for employees who regularly cycle or walk to work. This will encourage more employees to swap their car or public transport for a bike.

Introduce Exercise In The Workplace With Walking Meetings


If you work in an office, walking meetings can be extremely beneficial. Everyone knows that sitting for prolonged periods of time is not good for your health. So, combat this with walking meetings.

Suggest that business meetings take place outdoors and enjoy a leisurely stroll whilst carrying out the meetings. As well as improving employee health, walking meetings are also incredibly productive. Walking, (and being active in general) will boost creativity and productivity. You’ll be surprised at what great ideas can come out of a walking meeting.

All you have to do is recommend that your employees take a spare pair of comfortable shoes to work and then schedule in any meetings as walking meetings!

Install Outdoor Basketball Hoops Or Football Nets


Your employees may be tempted to spend their lunch break sat in the break room scrolling through Instagram. Or they may choose not to take a break at all. Incorporating exercise with lunch breaks is a great way to ensure employees are taking their full break and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

If your workplace has an unused outdoor area, or if the car park is only ever half-full, use the additional space to create an outdoor area for employees to enjoy during their lunch breaks. Adding basketball hoops or small football nets to the outdoor area will encourage employees to enjoy team sports during their free time.

Introduce A Wellbeing App


Providing employees with a wellbeing app enables them to track their health and wellbeing and provides them with the advice they need to improve their lifestyle. The Wellspace Wellbeing App, for example, allows employees to track their activity, see how many steps they’ve taken and how many calories they have burned.

It also encourages them to increase the amount of physical exercise they are doing in order to improve their overall health.

Introducing a wellbeing app will improve employee health and wellbeing


Sign Your Team Up For A Charity Run


Signing your team up for a charity event is a great way to introduce exercise in the workplace whilst raising funds and awareness for a good cause!

Perhaps get a group of employees together and sign them up for the Race For Life or Tough Mudder. Charity events like this often require training, which is a great excuse to get your employees up and about.

A group activity will give employees the opportunity to socialise outside of business hours whilst encouraging them to exercise more often.

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