Employee wellbeing training opens up a long list of benefits for an organisation, starting with complete knowledge of employee wellbeing and how to implement programmes that can promote it. This blog aims to explore employee well-being training and why it is important.

There are a number of different types of employee wellbeing training programmes available to companies of any size, all with slightly different outcomes, but beneficial nonetheless.

The Importance Of Employee Wellbeing Training

There are a number of advantages of employee well-being training. Prioritising an employee well-being programme in your workplace is essential for creating a positive culture of wellness. This holds a huge positive impact on the employee personally and the business as a whole.

Focusing on one’s well-being takes into consideration the overall wellness of an individual, including career well-being. When we spend most of our lives at work, it goes without saying that implementing a structure that nurtures well-being at work is abundantly beneficial.

But how do you implement an employee wellbeing programme within an organisation when you don’t know where to start or the benefits it poses?

wellbeing training can help educate employees about stress and mental healthWellspace Employee Wellbeing Training

You may know the importance of employee well-being, but what about employee well-being training?

The employee well-being training we offer at Wellspace is broken into 3 levels, all of which provide their own benefits. Our employee wellbeing training is aimed at exploring people’s attitudes and understanding in order to provide relevant and practical tactics.

Educating people on employee wellbeing and its importance is the first step to them creating a successful wellness regime in their workplace.

Our training programmes vary in depth and provide tailored tips and advice for the students.

Senior Leadership

Our Senior Leadership Training is a high-performance coaching programme with CPD accreditation. This module is aimed at leaders who are hoping to gain a further understanding of a corporate wellbeing agenda: what it is and its importance. 

This is crucial when first implementing a well-being structure within a workplace, it enables employers and HR managers to gain an overall insight into employee wellbeing and guides them on how to incorporate it into their workplace. 

The Senior Leadership module is designed to support leaders in their transition to working toward a culture of well-being. Understanding the definitions of wellness and acknowledging signs of burnout and ill mental health are ways in which employers can successfully strive toward a culture of well-being in their business, aided by our Senior Leadership Training programme.

Team Sessions

These 60-minute sessions provide 360 well-being development for your team. Team sessions are a useful way of educating team members on the importance of employee wellbeing and how they can further implement it into their day-to-day structure. The sessions are short and direct enough to be integrated into regular team meetings and development days, making employee wellbeing a key focus amongst the team.

This particular module enables employees to consider their current well-being and discover skills and tactics to improve their overall wellness and the wellness of the team.

Mental Health First Aid Certification

Mental Health First Aid is an accredited course that allows employees to learn the skills required for recognising risk factors of ill mental health and offers them clear strategies of how to approach and support others suffering with their mental health. 

Equipping employees with this relevant knowledge and techniques, not only works toward creating a culture of well-being but offers them the appropriate support should it be necessary, both in and out of the workplace.

Understanding mental health, which is a huge factor in one’s overall well-being, is a brilliant starting point for working toward creating a culture of employee well-being at work.

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