Workplace productivity is essential for the success of any business. Here are some workplace productivity fun facts…

Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week.

Getting proper rest can boost productivity by 20%

After 40 hours of work per week, productivity decreases by 50%.

workplace productivity infographic

A productive workforce is the key to a well-functioning business. Workplace productivity is directly impacted by corporate wellbeing, something we all share responsibility for.

Workplace Productivity

Workplace productivity and employee wellbeing have a reciprocal relationship – a productive workforce improves the overall wellness of the business, and corporate wellbeing means a productive workforce.

In essence, a productive company is made up of healthy and happy employees that are motivated to complete work to deadlines and improve the efficiency of the organisation. This has a direct, positive impact on n0t just the employees, the employer but the business as a whole.

Workplace productivity reaps many benefits for the several people involved in a business.

  • Customer benefit – a more efficient and motivated workforce means work is delivered on time and successfully, making for happier customers!
  • Business benefit – work that is delivered on time and successfully creates a good reputation for the brand or business.
  • Workforce benefit – being more productive and motivated as a workforce boosts morale within the company, making it a happier place to work, thus impacting the workforce’s mentality and well-being.

By improving employee wellbeing, with Wellspace, you can affect workplace productivity in your business!

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