Increasing loyalty through a workplace app hosts many benefits for both employers and employees. This blog aims to uncover the relationship between loyalty in the workplace and corporate well-being and how this can be achieved through an app.

The Importance Of Employee Loyalty

What Is Employee Loyalty?

The clue is in the name! Employee loyalty refers to a part of an employee’s experience within a workplace. The better their experience, the more loyalty they hold to the company. 

Employee loyalty has a direct impact on customer loyalty, which then has an impact on the profitability of an organisation. So, for employers, employee loyalty is something you want to ensure!

With 33% of employees looking for a new job due to boredom or lack of challenges in their workplace, employee experience and employee loyalty are becoming more important. So, how might you achieve this?

Increasing Loyalty

The key element of increasing loyalty in a workplace is effective leadership. If a workforce is managed sufficiently, employees will have a great experience of the company and in turn, increase their loyalty.

It is no surprise that employees that feel empowered by their leaders are more motivated and productive at work. This then results in increased staff retention.

In an environment where workplace wellness is promoted, so is loyalty. This hosts a variety of benefits for both employees and employers.

social wellbeing in workplaceWhat Are The Benefits Of Increasing Loyalty?

Not only does increased loyalty come from an increase in employee wellbeing, but increasing loyalty also has many advantages for the workplace as a whole.

Increased Employee Productivity

Those who are loyal to the organisation will be more productive in taking steps to better the organisation. By improving employee wellbeing and increasing loyalty from employees, you make for a more productive and engaged workforce.

Attracting And Retaining Talent

As an employer or HR manager, prioritising employee wellbeing on your agenda ultimately makes the company more attractive to work for. Attracting top talent and retaining the best employees have huge benefits for the company.

Identifying Problems

Increasing employee loyalty opens up lines of communication between employee and employer. Giving those who are familiar with the organisation a voice can make positive changes to the company. Loyal employees are more likely to make suggestions on improvements to the company’s culture.

How To Increase Loyalty In The Workplace

There are several ways to increase employee loyalty.

Employee Feedback

A practical, yet simple way to increase loyalty is to gather and act on employee feedback. If employees suggest changes that employers act on, this increases their loyalty and trust for their leaders. A workplace that actively works on maintaining positive feedback has employees’ best interests at heart, which in turn results in employee loyalty.

Scheduling monthly check-ins for team members to monitor their well-being and suggest improvements builds trust between employees and employers.

Offer Incentives

Motivating staff with incentives and perks can be a brilliant way to increase loyalty within the workforce. Creating a positive work environment and prioritising wellness in the workplace is a huge incentive for existing and future employees. 

Training Programmes

Offering training programmes to staff to better their work experience is also valuable when it comes to increasing loyalty. Knowing that employers want to invest in their staff and better them makes them more likely to stay within the company and trust their leaders.

Ultimately, increasing loyalty comes down to staff feeling valued and empowered in their work life.

Wellspace Corporate Wellbeing AppIncreasing Loyalty Through A Workplace App

A workplace wellness app hosts many benefits for all involved within the company and has a direct impact on loyalty within the workplace.

At Wellspace, we believe that a workplace wellness programme works toward creating a culture of well-being for a team that is engaged, productive and recognises they are valued and have less absence in the workplace.

The benefits of employee wellbeing are shared with increased loyalty; productivity, retention, reduced absence and positive communication. Allowing a forum where employees and employers can monitor corporate wellbeing and gain access to beneficial resources, create a huge positive impact on loyalty within the workplace.

The Wellspace Application

The Wellspace application and portal create a space for staff to monitor personal wellbeing, make changes to corporate wellbeing as a whole and improve company culture, all of which lead to increased loyalty.

Trackers for sleep, physical activity and mental health allow employees to log their updates and for employers to monitor. Linking back to receiving and acting on feedback, the Wellspace application allows employers to make positive changes based on patterns they see within the app.

Team challenges – another feature of the Wellspace application strives toward creating that all-important positive workspace culture in which employees can create relationships with one another and strive towards incentives.

The content hub on the Wellspace app allows employees to gain access to resources and news regarding well-being from a range of professionals, whether it be focused on financial well-being or physical exercise or nutrition. The content hub can boost loyalty within a team as they can find the answers to their questions and better themselves all within an application implemented by their company.

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