Workplace wellness is a phrase that is becoming more and more popular, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. But how do you promote total workplace wellness?

This blog aims to break down workplace wellness and exactly how you go about promoting it in your workplace.

What Is Workplace Wellness?

Let’s start at the very beginning, and digest what workplace wellness is.

Workplace wellness has a number of definitions, corporate wellness, employee well-being, but ultimately, all point to the same explanation. It relates to all aspects of working life, whether it be the workplace environment, workload, employee relationships, or treatment from employers.

Whatever may be affecting the culture of workplace wellness, it is vital that corporate wellbeing moves up on the leader’s agenda and is prioritised in order to achieve a productive and positive workplace.

Well-being is dependent on personal situation and encompasses one’s home life, diet, physical activity, mental health, and many other entities. Workplace wellbeing, however, should be treated holistically across a workforce and a workplace should aim to achieve an average level of workplace wellness.

Only 40% of UK businesses have a standalone workplace wellness strategy. And it is in the best interest of all businesses for this percentage to increase. We believe, at Wellspace, that workplace wellness is a must and we as a country should strive to promote total workplace wellness in all companies.

Some companies take workplace wellness as seriously as it should be and use the Wellspace application as a way of promoting workplace wellness within their organisations.

You can read up on the latest facts and figures regarding workplace wellness here.

Happ colleagues with a good workplace relationshipThe Importance Of Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness hosts a list of benefits for employers, employees, and organisations as a whole and promoting total workplace wellness, we believe, should be of utmost importance within any business. But why? What is so important about workplace wellness?

HR teams within a business aim to encompass how employees are coping, both physically and mentally, yet we still see up to 60% of organisations without a workplace wellness strategy in place.

We spend up to 40+ hours of our week at work, so why not aim to make the company adopt a culture of wellness? Workplace wellness is important for achieving several things within a business.

  • Improved employee focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Positive workforce
  • Physically healthier workforce
  • Better employer/employee relationships
  • Boosted productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • High job retention

The list goes on!

How Do You Promote Total Workplace Wellness?

There are several ways in which you can promote total workplace wellness. As an employer, HR representative or even an employee, educating yourself and the workforce on workplace wellness and its importance is a good place to start.

The Wellspace website hosts a variety of resources including guides, infographics, blogs, and articles that provide the answers to your burning workplace wellness questions.

What are the small changes you can make or consider when thinking about how to promote total workplace wellness?

The first thing to improve on is the workspace itself. As a business owner, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the workplace spacious? Consider office space for employees and how this may impact the way they feel at work.
  • Does the workplace offer any green/outdoor areas? Physical exercise is a huge part of one’s well-being so giving employees a space to be outdoors, and exercise is beneficial.
  • Is the workplace safe? Consider whether your employees feel safe and secure when at work, do you need to consider surveillance or access control for areas of the workplace?

These are ways in which you can improve the workplace in order to promote a culture of wellness. But how can you promote workplace wellness among employees?

  • Encourage connection. Social events, challenges and team lunches are a great way to encourage your workforce to feel connected with one another.
  • Encourage rest. How might you incorporate flexible working hours or early finishes to make your team feel more well-rested?
  • Encourage physical health. Promote healthy snacks and exercise time at work.

Wellspace App - Corporate WellbeingUsing A Wellbeing App To Promote Workplace Wellness

You know how to promote total workplace wellness, but how might you go about doing that? As a large organisation, it can be tough to keep tabs on employee wellbeing. That’s where a workplace wellness appbecomes useful!

There are a number of applications on the market that are useful for promoting total workplace wellness, including:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Buddhify
  • Insight Timer

All of these apps, employees can use for mindfulness and improve their personal wellbeing. But what about an app for the whole workforce?


The Wellspace application includes a number of different features which will promote total workplace wellness. Our app includes:

  • Sleep tracker
  • Activity tracker
  • Mental health tracker
  • Team challenges
  • Content hub

In order to promote a holistic solution to workplace wellness. Why?

Our experts know that by monitoring sleep, physical exercise and mental health that individuals can monitor habits and make the appropriate changes to better their own wellbeing. This then hosts an array of benefits for the workplace as a whole, as mentioned previously.

The team challenges feature of the app includes chat rooms and notice boards in order to build a strong community element of a workplace and achieve that all-important connection between employers and employees.

The Wellspace content hub features a variety of quality content in different formats like; blogs, podcasts, courses, and video classes that employees can access to educate themselves and find advice and guidance on different elements of wellbeing.

How To Promote Total Workplace Wellness With Wellbeing Training

Appropriate wellbeing training is another way in which workplace wellness can be promoted, coming back to the idea of educating a workforce on workplace wellness and its importance.

Wellspace’s Workplace Wellness Training

Our training programmes at Wellspace are a beneficial way of promoting total workplace wellness across a whole team.

The three levels of training; senior leadership, team sessions and mental health first aid certification host great benefits for a workforce and strive further towards a culture of wellbeing.

You can find out more about Wellspace’s wellbeing training programme here.

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