The health and wellbeing of your employees is important. As an employer, you should always prioritise the welfare of your team. Investing in the wellbeing of your team will reduce employee absences, improve productivity, and help your employees thrive in the workplace and at home.

One to one employee wellbeing training is an effective way to provide additional support to employees who may be struggling.

One To One Employee Wellbeing Training With Wellspace

Wellspace provides a proactive wellbeing programme by combining technology with expert medical knowledge. The secure Wellspace application and the integrated portal provides a simple way to monitor and improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Through the data provided on the portal, you can gain an insight into which of your employees need support and training. If you notice that an employee is struggling with their health or wellbeing, you can offer one to one employee wellbeing training through Wellspace.

The Wellspace team is made of qualified and seasoned doctors, physiotherapists, life coaches, medical advisors, health coaches and nutritionists. The one to one employee wellbeing training will be carried out by a friendly, highly-trained professional who will work around the needs and schedule of your employee. Plus, our expert will come to your workplace to carry out the one to one training.

There are four types of individual wellbeing training available through Wellspace: Resilience Coaching, Activity Coaching, Nutritionist Coaching and Life Coaching.

one to one employee wellbeing training

Resilience Coaching

Resilience coaching is ideal for an employee who is feeling chronically stressed, anxious, or drained. It is also ideal for those on the brink of work-related burnout.

Resilience coaching focuses on the importance of prioritising mental health and teaches your employee to re-frame the stress and hassles they are feeling. During the one to one employee wellbeing training, activities will be carried out to help the participant change the way they perceive stress.

Chronic stress is a common work-related illness and can significantly impact the overall health and wellbeing of your employee. It can also increase the number of employee absence, which will then impact productivity and customer/client satisfaction.

Activity Coaching

Physical inactivity can seriously damage our health. Leading an active lifestyle can reduce the risk of health issues, including heart and circulatory diseases. Physical activity is also essential for our mental health.

If you notice an employee is struggling to increase their activity levels, you may choose to offer the Wellspace one to one activity coaching. The coaching will encourage your employee to reflect on their daily patterns as well as any bad habits that may contribute to inactivity. It will also focus on fitness training.

Nutritionist Coaching

Offices aren’t usually the healthiest of place, what with the never-ending birthday treats or office biscuits. But nutrition is crucial for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, some people find it harden than others to properly nourish their bodies. If we do not get enough nutrition, our immune systems will struggle to fight off illnesses.

Wellspace Nutritionist Coaching focuses on the role of daily nutrition patterns and eating habits. It will demonstrate how the intake of sugar, alcohol and caffeine can affect not only our physical health but also our mood. The nutritionist will teach your employees how to break poor habits and correctly nourish their bodies.

nutrition is essential for employee health and wellbeing

Life Coaching

Do you have an employee who appears to be stuck in a rut? Perhaps they have approached you and asked for help or explained that they are feeling lost. Or perhaps you have noticed that they don’t seem happy or satisfied with their life as it is. Whatever it is, life coaching will be able to help.

The Wellspace Life Coaching provides the professional support your employee needs to set achievable goals for their future and move forward in their life.

The Benefits Of One To One Employee Wellbeing Training

  • Employees receive the support they need to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Training is provided by medical professionals and experienced coaches
  • One to one training is carried out in your workplace that fits around your employee’s schedule
  • Employees recognise that they are valued by their employer
  • Enables you to bring your best team to work and send them home happy
  • Healthy employees are more productive and engaged
  • Providing wellbeing training will help you recruit the very best candidates

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Wellspace have re-imagined workplace wellbeing. With our application and training services, we provide tailormade packages to help businesses improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. This leads to fewer absences, increased engagement and productivity, and a team that recognised they are valued.

Aside from one to one employee wellbeing training, Wellspace also offers Team Wellbeing Training, Behaviour Change Workshops, Focus Training and Lunch Bite Training.

If you would like to find out more about the Wellspace programme, please get in touch.

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