Nobody enjoys losing valuable employees. Having a high staff turnover can dramatically affect your workplace culture and reduce productivity within the workplace. And it goes without saying, a high staff turnover can impact your bottom line. In this blog, we’re going to outline how you can set about reducing staff turnover with a corporate wellness programme.

Why Do Valuable Employees Leave?

There are many reasons why a talented employee might resign from their job. Surprisingly, it isn’t usually money-related. And it certainly isn’t something that a pay rise will fix. Here are the most common reasons your employees could be leaving your business:

  • They don’t feel appreciated or recognised for their work
  • There is a lack of trust within the workplace
  • They feel overly stressed in the workplace
  • They don’t feel supported in the work environment
  • They’re struggling to achieve work-life balance
  • They’re looking for a more positive work environment

Thankfully, these are all reasons that can be addressed with a corporate wellness programme. Unfortunately, other reasons can’t always be avoided. These include having no further room for growth, feeling separated from their personal goals and changes in their personal life.

Creating A Supportive Work Environment With A Corporate Wellness Programme

With a corporate wellness programme, you can offer your employees a variety of wellbeing training sessions. This wellbeing training can support employees with a range of matters. These include surviving new parenthood, improving self-confidence, and exercising for healthy ageing.

You can also provide 1 to 1 support for your employees, should they need it. By switching the focus to physical and mental health and wellbeing, you are demonstrating that the workplace is a supportive environment. You are also showcasing that the company cares about the wellness of its employees.

Achieving Work-Life Balance With A Corporate Wellness Programme

Work-life balance should never be taken for granted. Your employees should have a life outside of work. If an employee feels as if they must work during their free time, they will start resenting their job.

Similarly, if their job is making it difficult for them to spend time with their loved ones or cope with their other responsibilities, they will start to look for a better-suited job.

A corporate wellness programme will provide your employees with the help and guidance they need to achieve work-life balance. Also, a corporate wellness programme will provide you with the advice you need to help your employees. For example, by introducing flexible working, you’re providing your employees with the time they need to balance their personal life with their job.

Flexible working can reduce staff turnover

Creating A Positive Work Environment With A Corporate Wellness Programme

We spend a lot of time in the workplace, which is why nobody deserves to work in a negative atmosphere. For an employee who feels as if they are working within a negative work environment, the thought of a new job is tempting.

To reduce staff turnover, you should work on creating a positive atmosphere with boosted employee morale. If you introduce a corporate wellness programme you will notice that your team are happier and more productive. It will increase employee engagement and lead to a more positive work environment.

Also, if you choose the right wellness programme, you will receive support and advice on how to build a stronger team and boost employee engagement and morale.

Reducing Staff Stress With A Corporate Wellness Programme

We all get slightly stressed at work every so often. But if your employees are regularly feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work, they’ll become fed up with the job. They will then start to look for a job elsewhere.

With a workplace wellness programme, you will be able to provide training on mindfulness and stress management. By providing your employees with the tools they need to better understand their mental health, they will be able to learn how to manage and reduce their stress. You can also provide a wellbeing app, which employees can use to track their mood. They will also be able to access helpful advice and resources when they are feeling stressed.

Building Trust With A Corporate Wellness Programme

Micro-managing is very easily done and can have disastrous consequences. If an employee feels as if they are being micro-managed and are not trusted within the workplace, they won’t see the point in sticking around for very long.

With a corporate wellness programme, you have the tools you need to build trust with your team, without micro-managing them. Also, happier and healthier employees tend to be more productive and motivated. This means you can trust that your employees are doing their job to the best of their ability.

By introducing flexible working (an option recommended by workplace wellness experts), you are demonstrating that you trust your employees enough to take their work commitments into their own hands.

Appreciating Your Employees With A Corporate Wellness Programme

Introducing a workplace wellness programme is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you appreciate your employees. Putting the health and wellness of your employees first shows that the happiness and wellbeing of your employees is important to you.

The beauty of a corporate wellness programme is that it is tailored to each individual employee. Rather than demonstrating appreciation with a basic job perk such as a gift card, you’re providing your team with the opportunity to better themselves and improve their wellbeing.

a corporate wellness programme will build trust and reduce staff turnover

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