We talk a lot about employee wellbeing and its importance. But what are really the benefits of employee wellbeing training? This blog aims to give a no-nonsense breakdown of why initiating an employee wellbeing training programme is essential for your workplace and how is best to go about it.

Of course, we’re going to highlight the importance of employee wellbeing training, that’s what we do at Wellspace – but what tangible benefits does it pose for employers and employees alike?

It’s crucial when debating an employee wellbeing training programme for your business, that you avoid tick boxing and instead research the real benefits and what it will bring to your team and business. Let this blog be part of your research!

how can an employee wellbeing training provider benefit your companyAdvantages Of Employee Wellbeing Training

Employee wellbeing training hosts a variety of advantages that will improve the business and overall lives of your employees.

It offers a way in which you can turn toxic company culture into a positive and productive atmosphere which has largely benefited all round. Off the back of the pandemic, we have learnt that creating a positive work environment is essential for the productivity and enthusiasm of the workplace. Looking after them, in turn, looks after the business.

But why is that your responsibility as an employer?

We spent around 40 hours a week at work. Those individuals with poor well-being are highly likely to transfer that into the work environment. When we talk about ‘wellbeing’ and ‘wellness’ as a whole, it takes into consideration every element of an individual life, including their career.

In a nutshell, if you want to increase productivity and strive toward a happy workforce, a focus on employee wellbeing is vital.

We acknowledge that looking after one’s wellbeing, and running a business is difficult to juggle – that’s where employee well-being training comes into place! Treating corporate wellbeing holistically is essential to create average wellness across the workforce and for them to feel as though their work and life are healthily intertwined and connected. Supporting employees at work has a surprisingly positive effect on the support they will feel outside of work.

The fundamental objective of employee well-being training is to improve the overall wellness of employees and revolutionise a company’s approach to health and wellbeing at work.

Employee wellbeing training:

  • Reduces the number of absences at work
  • Increases productivity within a team
  • Allows employees to recognise their health and wellness are valued

“There are so many benefits of a workplace wellness programme. The long-term VOI on investing in the wellness of your employees is tenfold. Long-term, you should see a reduction in costs related to health and presenteeism, the number of employee absences, length of time employees are away from work, and the cost of sick pay. You’ll also have a more engaged and productive workforce who knows you care about their overall wellbeing” says Jake Adams, our co-founder at Wellspace.

Wellspace’s Employee Wellbeing Training

How do we practice what we preach?

At Wellspace, we pride ourselves on a training programme that helps your staff become the best versions of themselves.

Our training offers 3 levels:

  • Senior leadership

This module offers high-performance coaching with CPD accreditation. It is designed to enable leaders to gain an understanding of the importance of a corporate well-being agenda and how it can support them and the organisation. We believe that creating a culture of employee well-being should start at the top.

  • Team sessions

This is a 60-minute session that provides an all-around well-being development strategy for your team. The benefit of this module is that it is short enough to fit into a team meeting and allows employees to consider their own current health and well-being as well as teach them ways and techniques to boost their overall wellness. We believe that to achieve corporate wellbeing, the responsibility should be shared.

  • Mental health first aid

The mental health first aid certification is an accredited course that offers those the skills to recognise risk factors for mental health concerns and clear strategies for how to deal with them. This offers a foundation for a positive mental health culture and support system to be established in the workplace.

All in all, there are several benefits of an employee wellbeing training programme. The key factor is, what benefits will your business see specifically?

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