Corporate wellness programmes are on the rise. And rightfully so. Studies show that putting the health and wellbeing of your employees first can have a range of benefits for your company. But, before you commit to a corporate wellness programme, you need plenty of information. So, we’ve outlined the top questions you should ask a corporate wellbeing coach.

What Can You Do For My Company?

Before committing to a corporate wellness programme, you want to know exactly how that programme can help your business? A wellness programme should improve the health and wellbeing of employees. But it should also benefit the company overall.

A quality health and wellbeing programme can increase employee engagement, improve productivity and customer satisfaction and reduce the number of staff absences.

What Types Of Training Do You Offer?

Your employees have individual needs. Employee wellbeing training should not be ‘one-size-fits-all’. It should be tailored to the needs of your employees.

You should choose a corporate wellbeing programme that has a range of training options available such as Focus Training centred on sleep or nutrition etc. Your corporate wellbeing coach should also be able to provide one-to-one training to give your employees additional support if they need it.

What Are The Benefits Of Your Programme?

You want to know what the programme includes, and what you are getting for your money! The corporate wellbeing coach should be able to provide an outline of what the programme offers.

For example, is there additional support and advice for yourself and your employees? As well as wellbeing training, are there other features? Such as an app for your employees to use. Before deciding on a corporate wellbeing programme, you need to ensure that this programme is best for your team.

Is There Any Way Of Measuring Return On Investment?

Nobody wants to waste money. And it is likely that the corporate wellbeing coach is asked this question often. How are they going to measure return on investment on an intangible service?

As an employer, it’s likely that you are incredibly busy and will not have the time to check up on the health and wellbeing of every employee in your team. So, the corporate wellness programme should have ways to measure return on investment.

For example, at Wellspace, the online portal demonstrates ROI using data from the employee wellbeing applications.

A Corporate wellbeing coach should be able to demonstrate return on investmentWhat Experience Have You Got?

It could be a good idea to ask the corporate wellbeing coach for case studies. Reading a case study would give you an understanding of how this corporate wellness programme has helped other businesses.

Finding out about their experience will also give you a better idea about whether this corporate wellness programme is a good fit for your business and your employees.

Are You Going To Provide KPI’s?

Key performance indicators are important. They will evaluate the success of the corporate wellness programme and provide you with tangible evidence that your employees are benefiting from the programme.

With the Wellspace wellbeing programme, employers like yourself have access to a detailed portal, which showcases the impact that initiatives are having on the wellbeing of your colleagues. For example, it will show that the employees who took part in lunchtime training have reported feeling less stressed over a 3 month period.

How Long Will You Take Employees Out Of Work For?

You want to put your employee’s health wellbeing first and understand that they may benefit from wellbeing training. However, you have clients and customers relying on your employees and you don’t want to let them down.

The corporate wellbeing coach should be able to give you an idea of how much time your employees may spend away from their desk. With Wellspace, Lunch Time Bites Workshops are available so that employees can benefit from wellbeing training whilst on their lunch break.

How Much Is The Corporate Wellness Programme Going To Cost?

It goes without saying, price is important. The corporate wellbeing coach should be able to breakdown the costs and explain what products and services you will get for your money.

A corporate wellness programme should be tailor-made for every business. This means you should have a choice of which features you’d like to be included in your programme.

Is There Anything I Need To Do?

As an employer, you should be encouraging your team to get the very most out of your wellness programme. For example, if one or more of your employees are struggling with mental health issues, you can talk to your team and let them know that they can approach yourself or another member of staff if they need help.

The corporate wellbeing coach may give you advice on how to create a healthy workplace and support employees.

Get In Touch

Here at Wellspace, we provide a corporate wellness programme which puts employee wellbeing first.

If you invest in a quality wellness programme, your employees will recognise that they are valued, appreciated and supported. They will learn how to cope with stress and how to achieve work-life balance.

We would be happy to talk you through some options and give you the help you need to improve employee engagement and productivity, reduce staff absences, and decrease staff turnover.

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