In 2021, we learned a number of things about workplace well-being, coming out the other end of the pandemic. Workplace wellness trends because more apparent and moved further up the agenda for employers and HR leaders. But what are the workplace wellness trends so far in 2022?

This blog aims to explore the workplace wellness trends that have become more visible this year so far, and what (if anything) has changed since 2021.

Workplace Wellness Trends 2022

In the first six months of 2022, trends surrounding workplace wellness have altered, and new ones have come to the surface.

It has been concluded previously that achieving workplace wellness should be tackled with a holistic approach. Although we believe that an ‘average’ of wellness should be established within a workplace, it is evident that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is perhaps not the most beneficial.

More and more workforces are made up of employees of different generations, values and backgrounds, all with different knowledge and experience of well-being, especially well-being at work. 

‘Wellbeing’ refers to one overall state of wellness, including physical, mental and financial health – the list goes on. It’s important to mention that each individual has different experiences with this. Sure there are ways in which you can create a culture of well-being at work, to benefit all, but also acknowledging personal circumstances is important.

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Aspects Of Workplace Wellness To Acknowledge In 2022

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is a key aspect that has become more relevant in 2022, the effects of the pandemic, rise in the cost of living and soaring fuel prices across the UK have most definitely affected people’s financial wellbeing.

Almost two in five employees admit to living pay check to pay check with 57% of these people saying they are struggling financially. Whatever the reason may be, financial situations across the UK have massively altered within 2022 and therefore had a knock-on effect on individuals’ wellbeing.

It is crucial that employers acknowledge the shift in their employees’ financial situation and if necessary, put appropriate regulations in place in the workplace to improve a vital element of employee wellbeing.

Mental Health

Mental Health isn’t a concept that has only become more prominent in 2022, however since the pandemic, we are recognising more and more the signs of ill mental health. In 2021/early 2022 more and more workplaces are introducing remote working. 

Due to the increase in work-from-home working structures, ‘zoom fatigue’ is a trend that has become more apparent in 2022. Zoom fatigue, often known as virtual fatigue is the feeling of exhaustion that comes from a long working day spent on virtual calls (the clue is really in the name!) 

Zoom fatigue can have a direct impact on both your mental and physical health, reflecting obvious signs of burnout. Working from home, we have concluded has an overall positive effect on employees’ mental health due to the flexibility and improved work-life balance, but it is also important to acknowledge that these new working systems that have become more popular so far in 2022, can also have a detrimental effect on employees mental health due to the new phase of virtual fatigue.

Mental health well-being solutions are set to continue to grow throughout 2022.

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Holistic Wellbeing Solutions 

Although previously in this blog we stressed the importance of each employee and their experiences with wellness, holistic practices in order to create a culture of wellbeing have been popular so far in 2022.

What we mean by holistic here is taking into consideration all aspects of well-being, beyond mental and physical health. Organisations are making their well-being programmes more robust in order to incorporate solutions to all elements of employee wellness.

Work and life have become more significantly intertwined in 2022 and so holistic solutions to wellbeing are vital to attract and retain employees.

Wellbeing Apps

Wellbeing apps aren’t necessarily new to the market, with applications such as Calm and Headspace being in the wellness space for a while. However more and more companies are introducing well-being apps in order to monitor and maintain a culture of well-being within the workplace.

Workplace wellbeing apps make a significant difference to productivity and engagement within a workforce. A space where employees can gain support on all elements of wellbeing as well as for them and employers to monitor behaviour patterns has been on the rise so far in 2022.


At Wellspace we are constantly monitoring new and rising trends within the wellness world. Our application and portal offer employers and employees the ability to create a culture of wellness within their workplace and stay up to date on the ever-changing concept of workplace wellness.

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